How to Block, Monitor & Track smartphone to safeguard kids from online dangers

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Kids are occupied in a long list of activities involving smartphones. Gaming, videos, chatting, texting, and social media browsing are just a few of the activities they perform. However, authorities are requesting parents to track & monitor kids smartphone vigorously. Should parents invest in child monitoring apps?  But, Why?

Apart from the positive aspects of digital gadgets, there are many negative aspects of using smartphones. Kids are oblivious to risks of online activities, and rarely take precautions in their undertaking.

Let’s take a glance at why parents need to track kids’ phone and how to block irrelevant content. 

Why do parents need to block kids’ phone?

Unanticipated dangers are lurking on kid’s online activities. There are various crimes which classify kids as the most accessible targets or more commonly called as “soft targets.” It is futile to blame children for the mis happening, as they are barely aware of the perils and issues on the internet.

There is no guarantee that online criminals are other kids or adults; there is a good possibility that the criminal is your child. Beware! 

Instead of getting scared of reality, accept your child is a human and capable of making mistakes. They may be a target of cyberbully or bullying others. Some kids face threats and exploitation by online predators or do it with other kids. Similarly, there are endless possibilities and risks loitering around them. 

Parents need to be prepared at the outset. As soon as you plan to gift your child the first smartphone, be prepared to safeguard them from the dangers of the online world. So, how do parents protect kids? 

Is parental controls app the answer? Let’s find out.

What is a parental control app? 

While there are millions of apps in the Play Store, parental control apps are the most adored by parents. 

Parental controls are features that allow parents to put a leash on kids’ digital activities. Controlling and monitoring kids’ digital activities is possible on their smartphone or any gadget. 

Considering the fact that most kids are inclined to smartphones (thanks to the uninterrupted connectivity and portability options), we will keep our discussion focused on smartphones today.

Children access applications in the phone to cater to any need. Ideally, apps are the root cause of screen time, which needs control. Apart from apps, calls are another nuisance, which creates tension in a parent’s life. And surprisingly, most parents are clueless about kids call contacts.

To limit the constraints and make parenting easy, here are three ways you can take charge of your kid’s digital life. 

–    Monitor the activities

–    Block the activities

–    Track your kids

How to Monitor Children’s Digital Activities?

A few years ago, monitoring kids’ online activities were just a dream come true. However, with advancing technology, monitoring their actions is a cakewalk. 

Most parental control apps are capable of offering monitoring features. Through the monitoring portals, you can check the apps your kid utilizes and the callers in the contact list. Interesting right? 

Moreover, when they request additional app download, keep track of the pattern and type of apps they want. 

How to Block Kids Phone?

Kids are engaged in various apps on their phone. They are normally connected to their friends through online chat rooms and messaging apps, for entertainment they rely on online games and media, and to kill time they either the browse the internet or social media. No, the picture isn’t as rosy as it sounds. 

Many kids have a habit of entertaining strangers while others get into wrong activities of sexting, cyberbullying, impersonation and several unnecessary activities. 

It is a wise idea to block kids’ smartphone apps by using App Blockers. A parent can go into the app and check the list of apps and simply prevent the undesirable ones. 

In case, your child needs access to an app; they can request to unblock the app after due permission from the parent’s end.

How to track kids using GPS Tracker?

Tracking is another accomplishment which is possible due to the unimaginable power of GPS. 

GPS trackers are the biggest threat and blessing to humanity, which parents can utilize to track kid’s whereabouts. Not only can you find their location on the map, but you can follow their entry and exit virtually and keep a check on over-speeding while driving.

Kids aren’t mature enough to make decisions on their own, especially with digital activities. As parents, it is advisable to track & monitor kids’ smartphone happenings and use the best parental control appBit Guardian Parental Control.