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Cool math games unblocked 66 site – Most schools as well as offices often block websites that contain games that have to do with math. Therefore, if you are a student or an employee who needs to study or work on your tasks, you can visit Cool Math Games 66 for the most popular math games.

Cool Math Games unblocked 66 is one of the best websites to play free online games and it constantly updates with new games. When you visit the website, you can find that there are several collections of games including action, arcade, board, driving, fun, kids, puzzles, and shooting.

In addition, you can select the categories based on your interest. has a high level of quality in its games since it is a well-designed site for people of all age groups.

What is Cool Math Games unblocked 66? 

Cool math games 66 is a website to provide entertainment through Flash and HTML5 games, mainly for young children and teenagers. Their games are educational and they use little to no violence. One of their most popular game categories is the Cool Math Games.

It is a section of their site that contains games that you can play without having to download anything. All you need to play the games is a browser based on the latest version of Flash. You can download this for free by clicking on the link on their website.

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Fall Puzzle 66

Fall Puzzle 66 is a jigsaw game and brain teaser. In this game, you will have to put the pieces of the puzzle together to form the whole picture. There are three images you can play with, namely, a leaf, a fall forest, and a pumpkin. You will get a different level of difficulty in each image.

If you are not sure about any image, you can use hints to help you pass through. By the way, you can pause or turn off the music in settings. If you’re clever enough, you can solve all the puzzles quickly, or you can just boast to your friends about how fast you solve the puzzle.

Use your mouse to drag and drop the little puzzle into place to form the unified whole in the image below. This game is a challenging brain-teasing game. In this game, you need to complete each of the puzzles as soon as possible, but you should be careful. Each time when you drag a puzzle piece, it will automatically snap back to its original place as soon as you release your mouse button.

Maze Challenge

In the Maze challenge, the play area is a square and you have to travel to the opposite side of the play area. The goal is to get from one end to the other in the least amount of steps possible.

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The obstacles get in your way and there are no second chances in this game of strategy and accuracy. A fun and challenging experience, Maze Challenge is a strategy maze game that comes with multiple levels of difficulty. You start with easy mazes but they gradually get harder in later levels.

As you progress through the maze, you’ll come across red markers on your way. You have to avoid these markers at all costs because they’ll lead you to dead ends. If you touch them, you have to start again from the beginning.

Draw The Hill

Draw The Hill is a car racing game that comes with a unique set of challenges attached to it. In the game, you will be required to draw a path for your car with the use of your finger. The path that you draw will determine how far your car will go.

While drawing your path, you will have to make sure that you avoid hitting the large pipes that are in your way. You will also have to collect the coins that are strewn about. Collecting these coins will give you cash for upgrades and new cars to play with.

While every level of this game is challenging, nothing can beat the challenge of level 10. At this level, you have to draw a path for your car to pass through a series of pipes. Draw carefully, as otherwise, you will fall off the cliff that is situated on one side of the screen.

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Code Panda

The game appears on two screens, with the panda wandering around in the background while players click on the center of the screen to switch between the coding area and the panda’s map. The objective is to help the panda pick up bamboo by setting the right location on the map.

On one screen, there’s a programming area where players can input commands like “go right,” “go left,” and “wait.” On another screen, there’s a map where players can move the panda. Players need to combine these two screens to send the panda to collect bamboo. Code Panda is an excellent educational tool for understanding the basics of coding.

Conclusion: Cool Math Games 66

The site offers games for kids and teens in various categories such as Basic Math, Time, Logic and Memory, Cool Math Games unblocked, Action Reaction, Candy and Chocolate, Dress Up, Hero Quest, Hidden Objects, House Improvement, Music, Shapes and Colors, Solitaire, Transportation and many more.