Custom-Developed VS Off-The-Shelf Software: Which Is More Beneficial


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The world of today is changing. From following long, tiring processes, and doing everything yourself to having computers handle everything for you, the world is now focused on automation. This shift in handling workflows and processes has been brought about by the continual upgrades to technology, and software development happens to be at the forefront of building better and more efficient solutions for almost everything in the world. The storage of information, analysis of processes and management of data, all have been made easier through the advances in Software Development.

When your requirements are narrow and your processes generalized, off-the-shelf software can be the best option to assist your business. However, there are times when these, one size fits all software solutions are not just enough. The number of options and functions available with these solutions is limited and hence limits the tasks they can perform. 

At such a point, the importance of having custom, tailor-made software solutions is highlighted. Such software is not only made keeping in mind your requirements but also developed in light of the specific problems your business is facing. Hence it seems only logical to say they are better qualified to help your business shift to auto-pilot.

As rewarding as Customer Software seem, they are equally complex and time-consuming in development. A fully functional, complex software solution requires putting in a lot of resources, time and effort to make them work for you. If, however, you decide to put in the time and effort to have custom software built for your business, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

Full Control

Going for bespoke software development for your business means that you are in full control of the product. You can have it fully compatible with the operations and requirements of your business, unlike the off-the-shelf software which comes with certain shortcomings for any business. 

It is a known fact that software development is a continuous process and having control over it allows you to scale it according to your needs, over time. Opting for a reliable company like Intech Partners to have your software developed, based on your needs, lets you integrate software into your system that has fewer errors. 

Moreover, if there are any issues in the software, they can be rectified without increasing overhead. 

Complete Ownership

By having custom software designed for your business operations, you will have complete control, full ownership and access to it. You have the authority to integrate this product into your system based on your specific requirements. 

Having bespoke software in your repertoire means that you are ahead of your competitors because a specialised software in today’s time is considered to be a success factor in business. Selteq’s proficient team of development geeks will come up with fully scalable and customisable software solutions that are meant to unleash your business’s full potential. 


Getting your software made according to your operations, requirements and resources lets you enjoy high productivity and eases your overall processes. Not to forget that scalability and adaptability are other advantages that come with custom software development. 

This means that you can sync the growth of your system at will, based on the results. For instance, if your business is expanding, you can scale your system to meet your needs for growing operations. As the software will be built based on your requirements and business type, it will have the ability to modify and adapt to the required changes in the times to come. 

Expansion in your business, anytime, can be backed by scaling your business software, to match your system, at an affordable cost without any worries. 


Now, this is a tricky thing to understand and smart people have already understood it. When going for custom software development, the initial cost may be intimidating for many. This is where many managers and business owners don’t get it. 

On the other hand, off-the-shelf software is sold at a cheap price and seems to be a quick solution as custom software takes time to develop based on your exact requirements. However, when you see in the long run, custom-developed software gives you best return for your money. 

With time, the pre-made software you thought would save you money may compel you to spend a lot more to identify and rectify the bugs. Moreover, with no option of scalability, you will have to go for a custom-made product whenever the stage of expansion comes. So, you’ll be spending money on both. 

This is where custom-made software for a reliable web development company will be your companion for a long time.