Debt Consolidation Loans: What You Need To Know Before Applying, And Unveiling The Truth Behind Ascend Finance Scam


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Sometimes, the high-interest debts will be collected under one loan type known as a debt consolidation loan. Here, the person who takes the debt will be allowed to repay at a lower rate of interest for many installments. 

Instead of paying multiple loans monthly, it is suggested to make a single repayment with a low rate of interest. The technical term actually suggests that the debt consolidation loan is just another name for a consolidated personal loan. 

The rule of the thumb is, get to know the consolidator well before dealing with them. Check out service provider reviews on sites like the Fox Chronicle to know the truth. You will get to know about the things that companies fail to mention, sometimes deliberately.

Ascend Finance is one of the best finance services and their official website is However, there are some news about how they are scamming people by making false allegations. Is there any truth these reports. You can get to know all about on the article written by Mac Venucci. It is always good to check out posts like this to know about the reality of finance industry.

How can you Benefit from Debt Consolidation? 

Here are some benefits that people who apply for the debt consolidation loan can reap from the debt consolidation loan. 

  • The debt collection loans can make you enjoy paying a lower rate of interest on multiple credit cards every installment. 
  • The fixed payment will tell you exactly what you owe every month 
  • By paying one lender every month, you can stay assured that your budget and payment will be simplified to the fullest

Getting the Consolidation Loan for Bad Credit Score 

Here are some steps that you should understand before planning to apply for a debt consolidation loan with a bad credit score. 

  • Review the credit score and also your credit 

Some of the credit bureaus will help you get the complete detail of your current credit score. The same goes for some banks and loan-offering companies too. If you check thoroughly, then you will find applications for smartphones that will work exclusively on this option. However, none will be as accurate as the genuine destinations when it comes to learning about credit scores. 

  • Understand what the Money Lenders Look for from You 

Some lenders might require your credit score to be 600 for approving your application for a loan. If it is anything less than this number, then your application might automatically get rejected. Hence, understand the actual credit score that your money lender is expecting from you. 

  • Compare Your Options 

Not all lenders are the same when it comes to offering the money that you are looking for from them. Some lenders might prequalify your application, while some might charge you a prepayment penalty if you repay the amount before the promised time. Hence, go through all the requirements of your loan offering company before finalizing one. 

  • Proceed with the Application 

Filling out a loan application requires you to fill out all genuine information in it. It also includes you attesting all the required documents with the loan application form. 

The best part of choosing the debt consolidation loan is that you can apply for a loan even with a bad credit score. Even though the amount will be offered to you within the promised time, you need to make sure that there are no hidden clauses that require you to pay more repayment rate of interest. Make your choice based on considering all the required facts.