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DesignEvo: How to Create a Perfect Logo Online


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When starting a new company, start-ups do not only need to set up a property right legal system or draw up a business plan. As an entrepreneur, you also need to think about the appearance of your business. It is not just about the design of your website or business cards, but also about the elemental core of your appearance – the company logo. The logo will be seen on advertisement flyers, website, business cards and even the company reception area when customers enter your company.

1 The logo must be Recognizable

Your logo design should be clearly identified with your product, company, or service. So your logo can involve people and establish a connection with it. If the logo can stimulate customers to want to keep it or keep your company in memory, people will not forget it and this is the ultimate goal.

2 The logo must be Simple

In principle, the simpler a logo, the easier it will be to remember and reproduce on a variety of media. In contrast, a logo also should be too simple to lose its recognizability.

3 The logo must be Unique

But don’t forget to be original. Your Logo design cannot be a copy of an existing successful brand and even should stand out from the competition. After all, you want to be perceived as your uniqueness.

4 The logo must be Contemporary

The logo should be suitable in every age and above fashion. The important thing then is that it is still appropriate and effective in the present, if in the future it was no longer and there is always the restyling.

5 The logo must be Versatile

The more versatile a logo, the greater the application possibilities. A versatile logo is also recognizable in black and white and can be read either on a 10-meter high poster or printed on an envelope.

When you have to design a company logo, in fact, there are always some creative logo makers that give preference to your wishes and ideas. And I would like to suggest designing your company logo with DesignEvo.

What is the DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is one of the best tools to create professional logos with 9000+ logo templates. Besides, all predefined templates can be fully personalized to get a unique look. It is an open source multiplatform program available for download on Mac, mobile apps or even a web-based service.

This is how DesignEvo works.

You have to link to the DesignEvo website by clicking here first, and click on the make a free logo button that you find in the center of the screen. Then it is available to select the template option from the sidebar on the left and write the type of logo template you needed in the Search for template field (e.g., abstract, animal, art, business, education, etc.).

After a few seconds of waiting, a series of logos generated automatically by the site will appear. Now, you have to choose the one you like best by clicking on it. Then it is available to customize the logo template using the different tools visible on the left: Icon allows you to insert millions of icon used for creating the logo; Text allows you to make various changes to the text in the logo; Shape allows you to add badge, line, banner, symbol and much more, while Backgrounds will enable you to modify the logo by changing its background color. You can also intervene in the various elements that make up the logo by selecting them directly from the preview images, and the related modification feature will open automatically.

When you are satisfied with the result obtained, first click on the green download button located at the top right. DesignEvo allows you to download only a low-resolution version delegation for free, but for small projects it is more than sufficient. The logo you created will, therefore, be downloaded to your computer. However, if you need high-resolution logo files, you should go for its paid plans. There are two types of plans, ranging from $29.99 to $49.99. The main difference between the plans is the availability of advanced features such as higher resolution, vector PDF and SVG files, the right to register a trademark, as well as the quality of support. Anyway, the price is affordable and absolutely worth it.

It is noteworthy that primary templates are not unique and therefore cannot be directly used for commercial activities. It is necessary to customize the template by adding and changing different elements.

Final words

In sum, the design process with DesignEvo is a wonderful thing. It has great fun to get to know your logo works well. If you finally hold the finished result in your hand and look at the steps to it again, it’s just terrific what has developed from the collaboration on the logo.  

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