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Building your social media presence from scratch is probably one of the biggest hurdles that you have to face. Luckily for you, there is certainly a social media marketing company that offers you the best jumpstart for your social media marketing campaign.

As new business owners, it is never easy to build your brand from scratch. There are tons of things that you have to do to ensure that your brand is going to get the recognition that you have been aiming for. However, building a strong following can take years before they can turn into ROIs.

Hence, there are several strategies that you need to use to help your brand grow. One of them is buying likes and followers. However, there are tons of people who are very skeptical about using this method. Buying likes and followers come with a double edge.

With this in mind and with the help of FanHype, we are going to talk about this marketing strategy, what are the reasons why you should invest in them, and which social media marketing company should you consider getting their service.

Buying Likes and Followers: A marketing strategy

Buying likes and followers are one of the ways how you can jumpstart your brand. Many brand owners have been using this marketing strategy because it does help with brand recognition. This method can easily attract an organic following which can help you get possible clients for your business. Hence, it is no secret that many social media marketing companies such as FanHype have been offering this service as well.

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However, this marketing strategy can also be a double-edged sword. The more inorganic following are there on your website the more people distrust your brand. Because of this many brand owners have been coached on the limits of this marketing strategy.

The Reasons why you should invest in this strategy

Attracts and builds organic following

One of the key reasons why many brand owners would consider buying likes and followers is because it can attract a following. Yes, you heard it right. Most people don’t see it that way, but a lot of people are often attracted to social media accounts with a huge following and viral content. It makes them feel that they are following the trends.

Jumpstarts your brand

Another key reason why you should consider buying followers and likes is that it helps jumpstart your brand. Having a thousand followers can be a good start to building your brand’s social media presence. Having a well-liked post can make people curious about what you have to offer. You don’t need a viral post or reels to make your social media presence.

Better Reach

One of the results of buying likes and followers is that it builds your organic following, in turn as your organic following grows, it also creates better reach. It is no secret that people share what they see on the internet. If you have well-done content, people will share your content across social media platforms. Hence, it would build your social media presence as well as build your engagement.

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Improves Engagement

Aside from getting better reach, it can also improve your engagements. Once you have built a good foundation for your brand, you can easily connect with your followers. For example, FanHype makes sure that their fake followers would have related accounts to your business. Some of these accounts would then leave a comment or two to help build your engagement. Hence, the more people see you interacting with your follower, the more they are encouraged to leave a comment on your post.

FanHype: Your Social Media Marketing Ally

If you find yourself convinced by the reason above, then you might want to check out FanHype. FanHype is one of the best social media marketing companies that offer tons of social media marketing services. They offer a wide array of packages for your social media marketing needs. Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc, FanHype has a certain package for you!

If you are interested in getting a package from FanHype, make sure to contact us! Our team is just an email away. They can help you design what kind of service you should be adding to your brand. Make sure to call us for more of the details. 

How to get your social media service?

If you wish to get our packages, here is what you should do. Down below is the complete step-by-step guide to getting your social media package.

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1. Go to our website

The first step that you should do is to go to our website. You can choose which social media platform to buy likes and followers for.

2. Choose the Nationality and Package

Once you click this, you will proceed to the order page. You will then be asked if you are buying local likes and followers or international ones. If you are planning to buy German likes and Followers, click “German.” If you want to go for an international reach, opt for worldwide.

Then choose what kind of package you would want to have. You have tons of options on the page, make sure that you choose the best one for you. You will then be redirected to Digistore24 to finalize everything.

3. Enter your Username or User Link

Once everything is paid and accounted for, make sure to put the user link or name on the social media page of your choice.

4. Delivery

In 24 hours, you will be able to see the changes in the number of followers and likes on your social media account.


Buying followers and likes don’t have to be that bad. If you are interested in going through this strategy, make sure to check FanHype. FanHype is one of the best social media marketing companies that offer the best packages to jump up your social media presence. Make sure to contact them for the best packages that your social media account deserves!