5 Start-up Trends to Follow for 2022


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As the global economy cements some of the changes that have occurred over the course of the recent pandemic, the opportunity for new and innovative businesses has increased.  There is a lot more positivity in the economy and the coming 24 months look to be a great time for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. This article will provide some start-up tips for the coming 18 months, as the old age adage goes, strike while the iron is hot.

Health and pharmaceuticals

Services, products and software for healthcare is big business and based on the fact that people live longer, the consumer or customer base for proactive healthcare ideas is booming. The pharmaceutical sector is seeing the same kind of growth and the combination of healthcare and pharmaceuticals is arguably one of the biggest business opportunities of the moment. There is furthermore a trend towards increased technology in healthcare for remote monitoring and medicating.

Tech, AI, robotics, internet of things, cybersecurity

Anything tech is going to be worth a punt, as long as it is innovative and creates societal or personal value for the consumer or client. Technology has seen phenomenal growth and development, and the cutting edge has widened and spread. There are more things going on in this sector than any other that will affect all other sectors and opportunities. Tech will be at the heart of all future business initiatives. It may not be as simple as just starting a tech business from scratch, and you will have to ensure that you have quality at the heart of all you do.


As e-commerce has become the norm for all, the need for reliable and speedy delivery has increased to levels that are currently not being met. Any improvements to logistics supply chain mechanisms, speeds and the automation of more than the last leg delivery is arguably going to be one of the next big business ideas to be realized and converted into space on the NYSE. Transport and logistics are now booming, and many in the know are extremely excited about what is to come. One of the main logistics areas of growth has been the last mile delivery processes. People want their deliveries to be delivered on the same day and as conveniently as possible.

Influencer Marketing

Finding the next influencer who can turn any product into a big instant seller is going to be a common trend on all the new social marketplaces. We shop in different ways, and as such, the way consumers are convinced to buy is now more personal and more linked to who they are. The power of influencers on social media as a means to sell products and build brands was indefinitely cemented on the day Christiano Ronaldo noted his displeasure with Coca-Cola and opted for water at a press conference. Both drinks may be sold and marketed by Coke, but they lost 3% of brand value, and the notion of influencer marketing for the long term and for the big business players became mainstream. This is a sector yet to realize its full potential. The ability to find niche wants, people, personalities, and products to further develop and define the sector is going to be huge business potential.


Not often thought of as an opportunity for the business start-up, but innovation around risk management and mitigation using quantum computing to derive a myriad of possible scenarios and risks is soon going to be possible. Being able to compute risks using big data and quantum computing much more accurately is therefore going to make the insurance much more precise. The industry is crying out for change, and as times remain uncertain, risk increases, now is the time to plan for changes and innovation around the insurance industry as we know it. There’s never been a better opportunity for start-ups to enter a market that has traditionally been dominated by big business.

Concluding Comments

Being able to look a little way into the future and determine possible business opportunities from afar and then plan for these is a key attribute for business development analysts and financiers. This article hopes to have provided the genesis of several ideas that you can now take further. If you’re thinking of a new start and have the finance to do so, then if it’s opening in the next 24 months, it will be a good idea to start a business within one of the aforementioned sectors due to the accelerated growth within them.