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Google Pixel 3 XL Review: All About Google Phones

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The area of smartphone users has pretty much divided itself into two different types: iOS and Android. And while the iOS segment is normally reflected premium buyers mostly based in the USA and Europe, Android includes a stronger hold on the rest of the planet; this is particularly true in China and India, which would be the world’s largest smartphone markets from user size. However, Android has generally been associated with affordability, given its open source character and wide assortment of associated manufacturers.

That’s where the Pixel range from Google expects to alter things. Premium and high-end apparatus on Android have always been around, but in 2016, Google decided to take the battle straight to iOS. The Google-branded apparatus are exactly what Android was intended to signify, according to Google’s original vision for its operating system, and additionally provides the Android equivalent of the premium smartphones which Apple builds. The most up-to-date in this range would be the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL, which have been launched earlier this season. However, in a world where devices with comparable hardware retail at under Rs 25,000, is your’Produced by Google’ label worth its weight anymore? And is that the fabled Google Pixel camera what it is made out to be? We see in our review.

WATCH: Google Pixel 3 XL Hands-On

Google Pixel 3 XL Design and Display

Let us begin at the trunk. Though the dual-textured back has escalated previously, it is beginning to seem a little silly now. Nevertheless, the transfer to glass has enhanced the styling into a little extent. But, it is not a unibody structure, therefore regardless of the metallic framework, the phone appears strangely’cheap’ from several angles. Nevertheless, it is something you will get used to fast enough. And while the’Only Black’ and’Not Pink’ color choices have their own allure, I really liked the’Definitely White’ choice for appearing different from anything else now.

Similar to the Pixel two stove, the Google Pixel 3 XL does not have a 3.5millimeter jack for heritage speakers and headphones. The only SIM tray is in the base along with the USB Type-C interface, whereas the right has got the volume and power buttons. The white choice has an oddly-colored green power switch, that looks tacky or lumpy based upon your sensibilities. In the back, you’ve got the fingerprint detector, Google emblem and only camera setup using flash.

The remaining part of the framework follows the normal minimalism and simplicity the Pixel scope has generally been famous for. And while it is likely time to re-imagine the aesthetic of this Pixel show, the Pixel 3 XL sadly sticks into a currently two-year-old style.

Moving into the front is where matters get more doofy. Given the elite is a compromise with its very nature, you would believe that Google would love to make it smaller and less noticeable. But it is profound, strangely-shaped and leaves the phone look odd. Beneath the display is an equally broad chin.

Both these aspects will be the way they are due to the hardware on these; the top notch sports that the Pixel’s leading dual-camera set up, detectors and earpiece/speaker, while the chin sports a big speaker grille. Thus, these strange design cues are not for nothing, if those are attributes that you truly mean to use. And given the quality of the these attributes, you are very likely to find them really helpful, whether it’s for greater selfies or enhanced sound in the telephone’s stereo speaker installation. Considering that the complaints for its LG-made P-OLED displays on the Pixel two XL, Google has obtained a fantastic phone going with this choice for its Pixel 3 XL. This considered, it aids the phone reach the powerful, bright colours that appeal to a lot of users. The dimensions assists too, which makes the Pixel a fantastic big slab of competent screen which aids with gambling, viewing videos and much more. The usage of AMOLED technology also lets Google continue with its exceptional always-on screen technologies.

Google Pixel 3 XL Specifications and Battery

Beneath the hood, you receive the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, now considered the world’s most innovative portable chipset for Android apparatus. On the other hand, the Pixel’s yearly October launch time implies that it has just a couple of months before Qualcomm declares a smartphone and successor manufacturers implement it within their newer apparatus. For today though, the Pixel 3 XL sports that the best chipset accessible, if just for a month or two.

The remaining specifications are not anything but confidence inspiring. The gadget includes a normal 4GB of RAM, with 64GB or 128GB of storage and no range for storage growth. Normal Pixel users might not be heavily influenced by the dearth of storage expansion provided Google’s exceptional cloud solutions, however even 128GB of storage might fall short if you prefer to get a great deal of apps along with the related information with these programs. What is missing here is much more RAM, more storage and possibly starting the storage alternatives from 128GB now around. Though other smartphones might struggle to induce performance for this much RAM, the inventory Android UI and pristine Android frame devoid of maker additions implies that when any flagship smartphone may make 4GB of RAM operate, it is the Pixel 3 XL.

But as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve long-term worries regarding the usability of 4GB of RAM. A bulge around 6GB of RAM could have been fine. This is especially important since I did have particular issues with functionality, but more about this later. It is possible to find a full charge in approximately 80 minutes using the bundled charger, even while using most other choices will charge the telephone rather gradually. Based upon your usage, you can find a day’s worth of conduct in the Pixel 3 XL. But bear in mindthe more you utilize the big, high-resolution display, the more you are eating away at the chance of a complete moment. I averaged a screen-on period of approximately 3.5 to 4 hours using the telephone; typical at best that many Snapdragon 845 apparatus get to 5.5 or 6 hours on good days.

Another little factor worth mentioning here: the deficiency of the 3.5millimeter jack signifies that Google now packs its Pixel Type-C cans from the box. These are light, plastic, and texture somewhat affordable. The match is not quite as protected and noise-isolating either, which put them off. While they seem alright, I was not completely impressed and frequently found I got a far better sound experience out of a wireless headset, or employing the Type-C to 3.5millimeter adapter to plug better-wired headset.

Google Pixel 3 XL Software and Performance

Launched in August, a couple of smartphone manufacturers (like Google because of its elderly Pixel apparatus ) have already begun rolling out upgrades, but the Pixels aren’t defeated into the distinction of becoming the first telephones to start with the newest OS version. With Android 9 Pie come different enhancements.

A number of those biggest improvements come in the kind of safety; the Google Pixel 3 XL, as a result of its Titan M safety processor, is one of the most protected smartphones created, with lots of the security features built into Android Pie. Aside from that, a fresh gesture navigation system, flexible brightness and battery, AI-based program activities, simpler screen rotation and electronic well-being are a part of the assortment of impressive new capabilities.

Worth especially mentioning here is that the integration of machine learning to the applications, both from the elastic functions in addition to in the program activities. With constant use, the Google Pixel 3 XL learns your use patterns to provide you hints from the program drawer, and works towards restricting tweaking and battery brightness dependent on the programs you use less or more often. In practice, this works nicely enough; tips like rapid access to this BGR India Slack station or WhatsApp conversation with my spouse tended to pop up when I wanted them to.

Google Pixel 3 XL Camera

We come to what must stand because the Google Pixel 3 XL’s signature attribute — its own photography. As has been the situation from 2016 if the Pixel was initially introduced, the Pixel 3 XL sports what is, in my estimation, the smartphone in the world. And while some other smartphone manufacturers are incorporating double and triple-camera installations to include skills, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL do everything with only one 12-megapixel detector (in the trunk, that’s ). That detector does everything from taking ordinary images in all sorts of lighting requirements, portrait shots, in addition to zoomed-in images using Google’s new Super Res Zoom, which basically pulls off optical zoom-quality shots using routine digital zoom. The awkward elite features this dual-camera installation, which Google has implemented in the kind of two 8-megapixel detectors. The phone also utilizes its dual-camera set up to offer you portrait shots with front camera.

In routine daylight, in addition to in dusk light, the graphics are excellent to say the least. By getting the information directly to shooting the colours correctly, the Google Pixel 3 XL does a superb job to some other smartphone I have used. With the exception of this small exaggeration as a consequence of using HDR (that may be turned off), images are mostly accurate to the fact that your eyes could see. Truth is the key word here, without missing out on the normal’play’ which is in each frame.


I actually wanted to enjoy the Google Pixel 3 XL. And while I might have experienced a shaky beginning to my affair with this phone, I grew to enjoy it finally. However, I grew to appreciate it. Past the camerathere was little else to justify the massive cost that could not be attained from less costly phones. If that is your main purpose, you are probably going to love the telephone whilst minding its own few flaws. But, I could not bring myself to look beyond these. The program is great, but is not without its defects, and possibly the concept of simplicity and minimalism is too abstract an idea for the day and age. Performance is great, but you need to accommodate how you use it in order to get the most out of it. The screen is great, but that bizarre notch and eyebrow design remove from what’s otherwise a superb screen. And 4GB of RAM using 64GB of storage goes on a funding apparatus, not a really costly flagship smartphone.

Naturally, each one these defects are created even more unforgivable by this price . You would attain similar levels of capacity from smartphones half of the cost of this Pixel 3 XL, and if you pick right, you may even able heights of this most software service that Google touts as among its USPs. However, if Google-brand minimalism and a camera that is unbeatable would be for you, the Google Pixel 3 XL may be your smartphone.

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