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Google is changing its “What to Podcast” feature by preventing users to play podcasts directly from the search results. This feature, which first appeared in 2019, displayed podcasts based on the user’s search query.

However, some users have noticed the disappearance of podcast carousels from the search results. In response, Google has announced that it will be replacing this feature with a personalized podcast directory.

What is Google Search Podcast Directory?

Google has recently launched an update for its search feature. According to a report by 9To5Google, searching for a podcast will now display a new card for users. The new feature, called “What to Podcast”, allows users to filter the results by various factors. These include app/service availability, country, and other relevant topics.

Different podcasts will appear in various carousels, including popular podcasts, established series, politically-themed shows, and more. When you select a carousel, you see a card with cover art. It also has links to listen on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Additionally, there will be a “Visit Website” button on the side.

How This Feature Will Help Users? 

When using the new “What to Podcast” feature on Google Search, users will also be able to see additional information. These include the description, genre, release frequency, and average episode duration of the podcast. Additionally, you will see the latest three episodes of the selected podcast.

However, it is worth noting that users will not be able to directly access those episodes. It was a previous Google Podcast integration feature. The podcast suggestions will be unique for each user. It will take into account factors such as past search history, browsing habits, saved podcasts, and podcast preferences.

A Google spokesperson has stated that “What to Podcast” will provide in-depth information, links to different platforms, and connections to podcasters’ websites. According to Google’s announcement, users have the option to turn off recommendations if they prefer more generic suggestions.

This feature is only available in the English language and is currently accessible on mobile devices in the United States.

Final Words

Some users didn’t like the recent news regarding the removal of podcasts from Google Search, especially since YouTube offers its podcasts. In January, PodNews.Net reported that podcasts no longer appeared in the Google Search platform, leading to confusion and speculation among users.

Later, a spokesperson from Google confirmed that the removal was part of an experiment to find new ways to enhance the user experience. The Google Podcast app remained unchanged for 18 months of its existence, lacking any new features or updates.

According to a report, the app was not considered a well-executed product of Google Search, as it only offered the basic ability to play an episode. In comparison, the podcast vertical on YouTube offers additional features for both creators and users.

Podcast creators can create an index of different parts of an episode, enabling users to jump directly to their preferred section. Additionally, if the podcast episode has video, users can also watch the video version of the episode.