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Guide on Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps and How to Develop One in 2019

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The prime reason that represents these outcomes is the way that it enables its clients to exchange cash with only one tap on their cell phone.

Simply interface and link your bank account once with the application and utilize its quick, secure, and advantageous method for money exchange.

Features to be implemented in your Peer to Peer application

To assemble an application that encourages p2p payments, the mobile app development companies must incorporate a couple of basic features which would make their application a beyond any sure success. Without these highlights, it’s practically difficult to get by in the present market.


This component is helpful as it educates the client at whatever point payment is started or received.

Additionally, it tells for each wallet movement. Notwithstanding that, P2P payment applications have stretched out their services to send notification for bill due dates and ticket appointments.

Send Bill, receipt/Invoice

There must be an element that enables the client to check the bill to the individual who needs to make the payment.

Additionally, the application must produce an invoice of a transaction which can be gotten by both the sender and the beneficiary.

Transaction history

The application must have an element that enables the clients to see the outline of all their past transactions made by means of the P2P payment application.

Unique ID/OTP

Each mobile finance arrangements must send a unique ID or OTP (One-time secret key), so the client can check it before any sum gets deducted from its wallet or record.

To make the security much more tightly, few P2P payment systems likewise request OTP each time a client signs in the application.

Amount transfer to bank

For the most part, clients like it if the P2P payment application gives them the adaptability to exchange the cash from the application to the bank account.

Each P2P payment application has a diverse plan of action, as indicated by which they charge a little expense that differs for each application.

Fingerprint lock security

P2P payment applications are exceedingly inclined to dangers as it contains critical bank account details and credentials.

Because of which it ends up basic for a developer to give foolproof security to its application client.

They can do this by giving a fingerprint lock in the application. This lock will guarantee that just the client of the application can get to his or her record.


Peer-to-peer payment solutions must have a chatbot that can address every one of the questions that may emerge while executing reserves, wrong derivations from account /wallet, and on the off chance that when the client loses the web connection.

Purchase/sell the digital currency

Digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin have been all the rage for the recent year.

You should give your clients a component in your P2P payment applications that enable them to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies efficiently and securely.

This element can be a distinct advantage as it will draw in numerous individuals who have a keen interest in the Bitcoin and different digital forms of money.

Difficulties confronted while building up a P2P payment application

Regardless of which sort of digital payment solution you develop? There will be a lot of difficulties that you need to survive. Thus, how about we examine these difficulties.

For comfort, we have isolated these difficulties into two kinds which are.

  1. Technical
  2. Non-technical

Technical difficulties

Security: It’s the greatest test that any wallet mobile app development company has to confront.

In the past, the Hackers have better of the most eminent and verified stages like PayPal and NIC Asia bank.

Since these applications contain an immense measure of private information at one spot, the hazard is constantly bigger and along these lines, it ends up basic for the P2P specialist organizations to guarantee foolproof security.

Consent to PCI DSS: It’s necessary for every one of the brands which manage the classified financial information to pursue and agree to PCI DSS compliances.

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To follow its rules, your answer must meet the underneath criteria.

  1. Secure secret data
  2. Vulnerability the board system set up
  3. Build solid access control models
  4. Continuous testing and observing networks
  5. Update all the security approaches
  6. Maintain a secure network and system

Currency Conversion: Currency transformation is a challenge which is faced by all the P2P payment administrations.

It regularly winds up hard changing over the cash progressively as there are in excess of 180 currencies functional in the world on the planet.

Besides, one must develop peer to peer app so that the cash move happens in as most brief edge of time as could be expected under the circumstances.

Non – Technical difficulties

Regional confinements: One thing regular with the greater part of the P2P payment applications is that they are limited by their geography.

Indeed, even today there’s not a peer-to-peer app that can enable a client to send cash cross borders. To develop as a best industry P2P applications must go past their geographical constraints.

The instances of a debate: There is the number of issues which are identified with peer-to-peer payment solutions.

For ex, when a client sends a sum to his/her companion and the other individual doesn’t get any payment despite the fact that the amount is deducted from the sender’s wallet or bank balance.

This sort of problems can occur anytime and the designers who have effectively created P2P application or are yet to create one must remember this thing.

Slow Changing attitude: It’s very clear that exchanges made by means of P2P applications are increasingly quick and helpful.

In any case, individuals are as yet feel great utilizing the traditional method for payments, i.e., through money.

What’s more, the purpose of it is basic. Nobody might want to take a risk with the security of their private budgetary

The eventual fate of Peer-to-Peer payment apps

The market for the p2p payment applications is good to go to see fierce competition with new players participating in a previous couple of years have seen the ascent of delegates that have in-constructed p2p payment services. In the coming years, we will see numerous other promising changes.

The eventual fate of P2P payment applications looks more brilliant with the conceivable combination of Blockchain innovation and cryptocurrency.

The blockchain is only a record of exchanges. A record which is circulated among a huge number of PCs around the globe rather than one individual controlling it.

Each one of those a huge number of PCs needs to achieve an agreement to make a payment legitimate.

Every exchange made is communicated to the system and the legitimacy of those are checked by complex algorithms.

In the event that it ends up being legitimate, at that point, they are added to the record of the past exchange. The chain of exchange in this way framed is known as the blockchain.

With such path-breaking advantages, the blockchain fuelled P2P payment apps have just observed huge investments made by behemoths, for example, JP Morgan Chase and Co.


As should be obvious from all said above, it requires high skills and efforts to assemble an effective peer-to-peer payment app. Peer-to-peer payment applications are reclassifying the manner in which we do payments from numerous points of view and it will continue doing as such in the coming years. Since this kind of utilization is about cash exchanges, security ought to be your greatest concern. There is no space for mistakes or failed experiments. You have to ensure that your application is both advantageous and secure. As experience affirms times and times once more, the most ideal approach to do this is to partner with a team of expert mobile apps development company developers.

It is the best time to contribute your time and cash to build up a strong P2P payment application to pick up the first mover advantage.

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