Mac Slowdown Culprits You Should Avoid In The New Year & Beyond

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As the New Year is around the corner, you would want to get things on the right track personally and professionally. On the work front, it is vital to stay on top of productivity, and your Mac’s speed can make all the difference. It is the right time to identify the culprits that may be slowing down the system and eliminating them for good. At the same time, steering clear of them in the future should be a part of your New Year resolution. Here are the ones you should ditch today and in 2021.


The biggest threat for your Mac today and forever is a virus because it can do a lot more than only slowing it down. Although the OS is revered for its high-security potential, there are still chances of being compromised by malware and virus attacks. It makes sense to check the system regularly for virus detection and install anti-malware software to evade any attacks in the future.

Desktop clutter

Saving items and icons on the Desktop makes life much simpler for an average Mac user as you can access them without extra clicks whenever you need them. But desktop clutter can seriously compromise your device’s performance. These files and folders end up eating more system resources than you can imagine. Make sure that you do away with them right away and avoid the habit, no matter how convenient it sounds. 


When you use your Mac regularly, there are chances that you will have duplicate files and folders. Music tracks, photos, and video files are even more problematic because they are resource-intensive. Fortunately, you need not worry much about how to find duplicates and clean them because there are specialized cleanup tools to help. Regular cleanup of duplicates not only speeds up your Mac but also makes it better organized.

Unnecessary third-party software

Just as you wouldn’t want redundant files or duplicate photos on your Mac, keeping it clear of unnecessary third-party software is equally crucial. While such apps can be a burden for the device, things can be even worse if they are illegitimate and non-authorized. They can hog the CPU or RAM, and at the worst, present security concerns for your Mac. Ideally, you should download only verified software and retain the applications you need rather than have redundant ones. 

Outdated OS

Another slowdown culprit you should steer clear of is an outdated version of the operating system. Apple comes with regular version upgrades that bring improvements on performance and security fronts. Being lazy about updating your OS version can deprive you of the benefits that you deserve as a Mac user. So check the latest OS version and get your Mac updated before the New Year begins. Keep track of the upgrades and install them on time throughout the year as well.

Steering clear of these culprits isn’t rocket science, but the effort can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your Mac in optimal shape. Being proactive is the key, so optimize now and follow as a routine in 2021 and beyond!