How do I increase my Instagram Reels views?

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You will be able to make video montages to highlight your company and your activity thanks to Instagram Reels. Consequently, you are free to make and upload as many videos as you like. 

The sole limitation is that the reels must not exceed 60 seconds. Instagram has plans to lengthen video formats; in the upcoming months, a 90-second format should be available.

How to increase the number of reel views

You have the chance to make your product, service, or company visible to many clients and potential customers thanks to Instagram’s more than a billion users.

1. Make use of Instagram’s tools

If you don’t want to use editing programmes like iMovie or Adobe Premiere, you can produce your reel directly on Instagram. 

You may use tools to alter your music as well as filters, graphic effects, stickers, and more. These resources will improve how your content is ranked by Instagram’s algorithm. 

Use Instagram’s editing features to increase your visibility on the social network in order to get the most out of it.

2. Pay attention to your introduction

Work on the opening of your reel to draw the user’s attention if you want to get the most views possible. 

You can utilize a video sequence that is likely to catch the user’s attention, experiment with an Instagram sticker, or use words that will serve as a “punchline,” such a problem that a user might face and which your product or service would help solve.

3. Use the appropriate hashtags

These Instagram post keywords operate on the same principal as keywords that are used in natural references. 

Users will utilize these hashtags to identify pertinent content depending on their Instagram searches.

You must identify the hashtags that are most pertinent to your field and best represent your company.

The use of these hashtags will enhance the amount of times your reels are viewed.

4. Remember to include a CTA (action button)

The call-to-action, or CTA, button is what we utilize to persuade users to take action. 

In your situation, it would be interesting to utilize some at the conclusion of your reel to encourage viewers to visit your website or online store after seeing your Instagram reel, for example.

In order to direct them to a page or website that will address their issue, make sure you fulfil their needs. In that case, they’ll also examine your other reels.

5. Emphasize a timely and interesting message

Make sure there is a message that will be communicated to the viewer after seeing each of your reels. 

Sharing a reel solely to say to share stuff is pointless. You must consider what you want to emphasize in order to improve one of your goods or services. 

You must communicate a message that is consistent, pertinent, and interesting to your fans.

6. Choose a catchy and appealing thumbnail in step six.

Visitors to your profile will see a snapshot rather than the video. Until they click, they won’t be able to see your reel. 

In order to catch the user’s interest, it is crucial to take good care of your thumbnail. 

You may, for instance, utilize your logo or a more carefully crafted thumbnail that will be simple to recognize and entice you to click.

Always remember that the initial impression is the most crucial, therefore use caution when creating your thumbnail.

7. Use subtitles

Have you ever seen an Instagram or YouTube video without sound?

The reason this worked for you if you’ve already done it is that the video contained subtitles.

So now that you understand, if your reel contains speech, think about adding subtitles so that your subscribers may view your video while muting or turning off the sound on their phone, tablet, or computer.

Additionally, you’ll make it possible for users who are blind or have other visual impairments to easily access and utilize your material.

8. Share your reels in your story

Consider sharing your Goread video in your story so that your subscribers can view it in its entirety and increase the number of users who see it.

Additionally, it’s critical that consumers share your reel on their own platforms in order to increase views and improve the latter’s visibility. 

To accomplish this, you must provide a video that is interesting, pertinent, and high-quality to promote sharing.

9. Keep in mind to play the current song.

Use music your audience will like in your reel to help it go viral and inspire your subscribers to share it. You’ll have a better chance of getting shared by users if you choose modern music.

You can evaluate the various soundtracks for reels that are displayed in your News Feed and draw inspiration from them.

You currently hold all the cards necessary to boost the amount of views of your reels in order to market your skills, knowledge, and goods and services.