How Industrial wireless sensor-based IoT platform is helping different industries

The new-age industrial wireless sensors are a boon to the business from different verticals. Their multi-faceted benefits help businesses to increase ROI and productivity.

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Industrial wireless sensors have revolutionized the way organizations deliver. The use of modern technology has not only reduced the manual effort but also has increased productivity. 

Industrial IoT platform was developed to connect the hardware to software protocols and perform real-time data analysis and other functions. It is extensively used to visualize, analyze and collect data from the IOT Environmental sensors and integrate with the applications and web services. 

What is IOT platform?

IoT platform is an important component of the IOT ecosystem providing immense value to the business. A complete IOT Platform is what connects with hardware and has the capability to transmit the data in the cloud or receive them. It is then in turn connected to software with the user interface for the user to perform real-time data analysis. The value of the IOT platform is best understood when it connects to an existing system and transforms the way business delivers. It makes the data more manageable and business process simple. No wonder IOT platform is the platform that is transforming the industries in a great way. 

How the IOT platform is integrated with industrial sensors

The industrial wireless sensors are used to monitor an array of environmental conditions like humidity, temperature, motion and pressure. These are then applicable across various industries starting from agro, foods, logistics, and production to the server rooms. These important industrial data can be measured but it needs a way to be monitored and showed in a user interface. The historic data collected can be used in making an important decision in business.  IOT platforms help in recording this data to a cloud platform. These data can then be gathered anywhere to perform data analysis.  Businesses can then be alert and can take appropriate actions whenever needed. 

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IoT environmental sensors

Environmental sensors are devices that help the user to monitor and measure the environmental parameters. The concerns about climate change are rising and hence scientist and researchers are working to find the new ways that can help to deal with global warming, pollution level, water crisis and other issues. The high-end IoT environmental sensors are revolutionizing the way of monitoring environmental conditions. In this technology-centric market, the advancements in IoT have brought an array of opportunity for the business to grow. 

Benefits of IoT Environmental Sensors

There are lots of benefits of IoT environmental sensors for every size of business: 

Some amazing benefits are:

  • Monitors various environmental metrics like temperature, humidity, pressure, light, vibration, heat etc. 
  • Small devices and can be easily installed
  • Eco-friendly and easy to use
  • Gives accurate outcomes within a moment
  • Real-time observations and Insights

IoT based smart agriculture

Initially, due to a lack of technology agriculture and farming businesses have to suffer a lot. Both the business depends on the environmental conditions for productivity. With the introduction of IoT based smart agriculture, the face of the business is completely changed. Like other businesses, agricultural business is also employing the latest sensors and other monitoring devices to maximum production. The sensors can be placed under the water or inside the soil; it collects the environmental data and sends the alerts to the farmers or business owners.  

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Benefits of IoT based smart agriculture sensors

  • Measures and monitor the humidity in the soil, temperature, crop status, climate, etc.
  • Introduces more automation and analysis 
  • Reduces manual interventions and thus saving in labor cost
  • Optimizes standard processes through large data collection
  • Sends notifications to the users in case of undesirable change
  • Real-time view and data analysis

Benefits of industrial sensors

Industries are integrating supreme quality industrial sensors to monitor the harsh environmental conditions. The environmental conditions in the industries are extreme and hence robust sensing devices are required to monitor them. There are a plethora of benefits of industrial sensors for different industries.

Some of the prominent benefits are mentioned below:

  • Increase in the efficiency and productivity
  • Improved data capture and management of information
  • Real-time feedback and analysis
  • Monitor and manage the assets
  • Measure and monitor environmental metrics
  • Plant safety and security
  • Predictive maintenance and reduces downtimes
  • Accurate and Precise results
  • Alerts in case of undesirable change
  • Online monitoring and easy data sharing
  • Around the clock monitoring

Other uses

The use of IOT environmental sensors is not just limited to agriculture. Almost every industry is leveraging this technology for cost optimizations. If you consider industries like Server rooms and wine cellar. They require perfect environmental conditions to function optimally. An industrial wireless sensor helps the stakeholders to monitor the environmental conditions very closely. Industries like warehouse and pharmacy also cannot afford conditions like high humidity and temperature as it may destroy the products incurring huge losses. A wireless sensor is at a rescue here as it helps to check the safety of the product by constantly monitoring the environmental condition. The sensors are now used in the cold chain, museum, silk textiles, horticulture, and many other businesses. All these businesses are reaping huge benefits from the sensing devices to make the operation smooth and flawless. The IoT based smart sensors help in monitoring fisheries for both animal health and poaching. Monitoring forests, data centers, snowfall levels, etc. are some other uses of modern environmental sensors.

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Industrial IOT environmental sensors are here to stay and will grow rapidly. Industries across all verticals are leveraging modern technology to improve and become more efficient. The data sharing and future insights from real-time are lucrative. Simplification and minimizing the cost is what driving us in future and IOT based industrial sensors are helping us achieve it. UbiBot is a renowned manufacturer of IOT environmental sensors built on IOT platform. Their devices are robust and have a great user interface to monitor the whole range of environmental conditions. The recorded are constantly synced to cloud platform using Wifi and can be monitored in any of the smart devices and can be used for business transformations.