How to Choose the Best NBN Plan for Your Home

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Now that your area is NBN-ready, have you figured out which NBN plan is best for your home? For sure, finding the best NBN plans is somehow difficult since there are now just too many in the market offered today. How would you know if this one plan suits your personal needs?  Assuming that most plans are offering unlimited data, then maybe that’s a safe standard when you shop.

With your old Internet deal, you are now all set to look for a provider and a new plan that is going to work best for you. To help you out, here are some things to put in mind before you sign up.

Things You Need to Consider

If you already have access to the network, you’d better be hunting bargains in terms of broadband plans. Good to know that there are existing reputable sites that can help you pick the right deal on the diverse broadband packages. But first, you need to assess yourself as an Internet user. Look into a.) how much Internet you consume and what related data you require, and b.) how many people live in your household and what Internet habits they have.

According to experts, there are 4 categories of Internet users and how they use the Internet so that their data needs can be determined.

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Web Surfer – are those who access emails, engage in voice calls and surf the Web. Occasionally, they watch YouTube and/or access social media at times. This group could consume about 150-300MB per hour for approximately 32 hours per month.

Social Networker – are casual Internet users who could either be posting or downloading images and videos or both. An estimated 1.8GB per hour for almost 40 hours per month will be consumed for all these activities.

Video Frenzy – are those who use a lot of streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and so on. Around 3.5GB per hour for nearly 60 hours per month is estimated to be the average usage. 

Online Gamers – are those who often download new games or large updates. An hour of gaming could consume 40MB but one gamer could consume up to 100-200GB on a monthly basis depending on how heavy the gaming is done.

Hence, if your household has the first 3 categories above, you will need roughly 320GB per month, and that is the package you would want for your home Internet needs, or bigger if there is an online gamer at home.


All you hope to find is the plan with the cheapest cost that would include unlimited data with reliable connection and super-fast speed. However, with a limited budget, you may need to limit your speed yet on the other hand, you would pay a little more for a faster plan if you have a heavy video streamer and a big online gamer in the house.

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Experts advise that there has to be a compromise between cost and connection speed in order to end up with a perfect plan. Go shop around before committing to the best nbn plans in town. You will only get great value for your money once you have chosen the correct speed tier for your needs.