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No business can do without creating its own website. On it, customers can find information about the company, products, and services provided. The success of business development depends on the correct creation of the platform, including design. Therefore, it is important to take a responsible attitude to the choice of web design studio, so as not to regret it later. How to find a good web design company, we will tell in this article.

How to choose a web design company?

If you do not want your project to end at the stage of design development, or if users do not run away to competitors from what they see – the designer must be chosen wisely, and this can be done through the following points:

Understand who exactly you need

Designers, like programmers, are all different. As a 1C programmer will not write you a CMS in Python, so a landing page designer will not make a CRM prototype that will be convenient to use.

If you need a simple landing page, as a rule, a UI designer with a technical task in his teeth will be enough for it. If you need a CRM prototype or startup packaging – we are looking for a tough analyst and a UX engineer with experience in developing such solutions.

For medium and large projects, it is worth looking at a studio that has similar projects in its portfolio. Do not think that one person is able to combine 5 professions, while not burning out and staying mentally healthy for a long time.

Carefully study the portfolio of a designer or company

The best way to understand how good a web design agency in New York, like Lounge Lizard,  when choosing a web design company  will be is not to listen to its promises. It’s best to look at their work.

Ask for a portfolio with finished projects to see the real results. If you do not like something or do not fit, then do not delay.

When analyzing the agency’s portfolio, see how the sites they have created work both on computers and mobile devices. Make sure that all links work and do not crash when you resize the browser window.

The more thoroughly you study the agency’s previous work, the more you can be sure that they will create something amazing for you.

Do not hesitate to ask for references

Of course, if you need banners or a cover for a social network – there is no point in references. However, if you are planning to develop a website or corporate solution for hundreds of thousands – there is no shame in asking for recommendations about which web design company is better, phone numbers, and messengers of previous customers. Experienced specialists who work for an adequate budget and for a long time usually have no problems with this.

How to select a website designer with 3 simple questions

1. Do you have experience in creating websites for my industry?

Has the designer already worked with a company operating in the same industry as you? While this is not the main factor to consider when choosing a website contractor, it is certainly very helpful. If a web designer has already dealt with a company similar to yours, he will have a better understanding of you, the specifics of the industry you work in, and what you want to achieve. It is important to note that he understands your customers (your target audience) and knows how to keep them on the site longer.

2. Will you do an analysis of my industry before creating a website?

As with any other business project, a certain strategy should be followed when creating a website, in particular:

→ The purpose of the site

→ Industry specifics

→ Target group

→ Business model of the company

→ Marketing strategies

And many others. However, how will you outline the entire strategy? This cannot be done without a thorough analysis of the industry. It will indicate what elements the site should consist of and how to proceed to implement the company’s strategy.

3. How will our cooperation go?

Be sure to decide how you will contact each other, how often and whom to contact on specific issues (in case of working with an agency). Although the first contact with the contractor – whether freelancer or agency – can be established, for example, by email or chat, it is important that you have a live conversation when you provide them with recommendations for creating a website. . This can be a phone call, a remote conference or a meeting in the office, but it is important that you lead the conversation. It is always easier, faster, more accurate, and cheaper. But most importantly, you are more likely to build a relationship and avoid misunderstandings that cost you nerves, time, and money.

How to choose web design company: conclusion

Choosing a website designer is a key element of the whole process because the wrong choice will complicate the whole project, and maybe even prevent its implementation. So make sure you understand each of the issues covered in this article and use them to successfully select a contractor for your website.