Don’t Lose Your Favorite Clips: How To Download Videos From Facebook


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Facebook is a social media networking platform that helps to share media files and connect with family and friends online. Facebook lets you transmit images, videos, live videos, stories, news, post, etc with other people. Likewise, Facebook is the most used social media network of all time. It is difficult to find any person who does not use Facebook. 

Do you want to save and download Facebook videos? Knowing how to download a Facebook video from its platform will be more useful in some situations. Perhaps, you will be able to store videos for offline viewing if you know you will be without internet access at some points. However, the most important thing is you can not download any media file from its platform. But, you can save videos for later watching from Facebook by using an icon in the app. 

If there is no official way to download content from the Facebook platform, how to download videos. For that, you can use various methods. The first one is to download Facebook videos on a computer or Android device to open a URL of the video in a new tab and replace the www with mbasic. Hence, you can download FB videos to Androids or computers by using them.

Another way to download Facebook videos from its platform is by using a third-party Facebook video downloader. You can download unlimited Facebook content easily and quickly by using Facebook downloaders. There are various Facebook downloaders available in the online market. Now let’s see more details about the methods that we can use to download videos from Facebook.

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Direct Desktop Download

There is a “ Save Video” icon in the menu bar next to almost every video. It saves videos on Facebook to a section of your personal FB account called “Saved Videos”. Likewise, it does not save videos to your local storage. When you want to go to the video later, you can find all the saved videos stored in one place. However, if the owner deletes the video, you can’t get access to it anymore. Now let’s see the step guide to save videos from Facebook.

  • Firstly, find the FB video you want to save for watching later.
  • Tap the three horizontal dots in the right top corner of the video.
  • Then click the icon “ save video”

If you use a computer, click “watch” – the icon that looks like a computer monitor with a play button in the middle – in the top menu. Then, choose the saved videos. 

If you use a mobile phone, click the three horizontal lines ( known as a “hamburger menu”) and click the saved icon to watch the saved videos.

The step guide to download FB videos on your Android devices

  • Visit Facebook from your Android devices using any web browser.
  • Find the video.
  • Click the three-dot icon above the video.
  • Find the “copy link” from the menu that appears.
  • Open any web browser, such as Google Chrome on your device, and paste the link to the address bar.
  • Replace the www with the mbasic in the URL.
  • Then hit go on the on-screen keyboard.
  • Next, tap the video.
  • Click and hold on to the FB video on the next page.
  • Tap download video.
  • After the downloading is ended, click to view the video. 
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The process to download Facebook videos on your computers 

  • Log into Facebook using any web browser on your computer.
  • Open the video you like to download. 
  • Then right click on the video. 
  • Now, tap the Show Video URL icon.
  • Copy the URL.
  • Next, open another tab on your browser and paste the URL into the address bar. ( Do not click the Enter button on your keyboard at this point)
  • Replace the “www” in the URL of the video with “mbasic”
  • Then, click the Enter icon.
  • Now tap the video that you like to download
  • Right-click the video and select save the video.
  • Provide the name and destination for the video and click save. 

How to download videos using Facebook downloaders?

At the begging of the article, I mentioned that there is no official way to download content from Facebook. Therefore, we have to use some methods to download them. Here we provide one of the easiest methods to download FB videos from its platform. It is using a third-party Facebook downloader. What is the Facebook video downloader online free? They are FDOWN, FDownloader, SnapSave, Keepvid, etc. 

All of them are available online and free. Hence, you can download unlimited Facebook videos without making any payment. There are no limitations or restrictions. Therefore, you can download your favorite videos easily and quickly. 

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However, according to the reviews and my experience, the best Facebook downloader is FDownloader. It helps to download videos from Facebook with 100% safe and protects your privacy. Likewise, it continuously updates to provide the best service to its users. Also, the software is compatible with any device, such as a smartphone( iPhone, Android, iPod), tablet, or computer( Mac, Linux, Windows ). Also, there are no limitations when you are using the web browser. Hence, you can open it using any web browser, including Opera, Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Hence, I recommended using it to download your favorite clips. 

Here I provide steps guide to downloading Facebook videos on your computer and mobile using the downloader. 

For Computers 

  • Visit Facebook from your computer.
  • Search for any video.
  • Then select the video you need to download from the Facebook
  • Expand the options from the top right corner, and copy the Facebook video link. 
  • Open the Facebook downloader online and paste the copied URL into the input box. 
  • Click on the “Download” icon.
  • See a preview of the video
  • Select the “Download SD video” and “ Other formats” and the download option again. 
  • Your file will download automatically.
  • Select the correct option and continue the downloading

For Mobiles 

  • Visit Facebook from a mobile browser.
  • Search for any Facebook video.
  • Now choose the FB video you want to get
  • Pick the icon “ share” from the right-bottom of the app
  • Slide right through transmit to options and find “Copy Link.”
  • Now, go to the free Facebook video downloader and paste the URL in the input box.
  • Click “Download” and see the preview of the video.
  • Choose either “ SD video” or “ Other formats” and continue the video download.

Now, you can download your favorite Facebook videos using these methods easily and quickly.