How To Drive Engagement Using Instagram Polls

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As an Instagram user and business owner, you’re probably aware of the benefits of using polls on your social media. Polls have become one of the most popular features on Instagram, and they’re great for getting engagement, learning more about your audience, and improving your content strategy. 

By using polls as part of your Instagram marketing strategy, you can learn more about what your followers want, which will help you create better posts in the future. You can even maximize these different places to find poll votes for Instagram stories. However, to begin with, read the following tips on how to drive engagement using Instagram polls:

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  1. Ask Your Followers What They Want Through Instagram Polls

Asking your followers what they want can be a great way to drive engagement. Instagram polls are a quick and easy way to get feedback, making it easy for you to share your results with followers. They’re also an excellent tool for analyzing user preferences to use in your advertising strategy or marketing efforts.

  1. Use Instagram Polls To Crowdsource Future Content Ideas

If you’re struggling with what your next blog post should be, or if you need some inspiration, use Instagram Polls to find out what your audience wants from you. Ask questions that pique their interest and see if there’s an overwhelming response to one idea over another. 

Some followers may even give you an overview of the topics they’ve been meaning to read about. You get to provide answers to this with your article. After all, it’s great to write an article that solves the pain points of your readers.

  1. Generate Hype Around An Upcoming Release Through Instagram Polls

You should also use Instagram Polls to generate hype around an upcoming release. For example, if you’re about to launch a new product, get people excited by asking them how much they’d like to spend on it. You can even use online review services, like Get A Follower reviews written by a social media expert. For this, you can find out how legit they are. 

In addition to generating interest in your products or services, you can use Instagram Polls to get feedback on them. If you’re working on an update for your app or website, you might want to know what features users would like added and which ones should remain unchanged. 

Moreover, you could run a poll asking users whether they’d like more detailed analytics tracking options as part of your next update. Thus, running this poll would give you valuable insight into what customers want for them to improve their experience with your brand. 

Another benefit of using Instagram Polls is that they allow businesses to test ideas before rolling them out into full products or services (which saves money). For example: if there’s an issue with one part of your site’s design, but you aren’t sure if this will affect user engagement, running various polls could help determine what works best visually.

  1. Ask Questions That Drive Conversation

Asking specific questions to your audience will help you engage with them. You can ask for their favorite color or clothes from your fashion line. If you often organize shows, you can ask for the celebrities they want to meet. 

However, make sure to ask questions that are easy to answer, making it easier for people to respond and want to continue engaging with you. It can be what they love about your products or services or what they think about a campaign you recently did. 

You can also consider using emojis in the polls to improve familiarity. After all, your stories on Instagram are informal and sometimes playful, as they should be.

  1. Use Instagram Polls To Improve Your Buying Cycle

Using Instagram in conjunction with other social media platforms, you can target customers interested in what you offer. You can discover which products or services your audience is most interested in, how they want them packaged and delivered, etc. 

This information allows you to create a more effective sales pitch that compels users through the buying process, resulting in higher conversions. It’s important to note that while there’s nothing wrong with creating an ad that asks people what they want (e.g., ‘Share if you like cats’), it’s not going to do as well as one that asks for something more specific (‘Share if you’ve ever wanted a cat’).


Using Instagram polls is easy to engage your audience and get valuable insights. And can also be used to drive engagement and get feedback on new content. The best part is that they’re simple to create and execute. So, if you’re looking for ways to grow your account or learn more about your customers and the market, Instagram Polls may be just what you need.