How To Save Your Favorite Instagram Stories And Reels

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Instagram has truly cemented itself as a powerhouse in the wake of today’s social media-dominated landscape. Part of Instagram or IG for short’s mainstream relevance can perhaps be traced back to two of its most widely used features nowadays. Namely, this refers to their IG stories and reels sections. An Instagram story is a picture or video you take and post for your followers to see directly. Whereas a reel is usually a fifteen-second snippet meant to highlight a message to an audience. These two features go hand in hand in serving as memoirs for each moment captured by a user. These not only allow you to remain in touch but also drive engagement and traction for your account. It’s only typical that one would thus be keen on saving these memories. 

Listed below are a variety of ways you can do so.

Saving Instagram Stories On The App

After you’ve personally taken a snap or video with your IG app’s camera or tweaked an existing photo using Instagram and have posted it, you’re now probably ready to save it. To save your own story you would only need to select the three-dot button by the right side of your story’s corner and press save. It’s easy although do take note that this option only works if it’s your personal story and not anyone else’s.

Saving Your Reels As Stories

Reels not posted by you or your account can still be shared as your story too. Simply navigate to your reel of choice and click on the three-dot button and select share. Once you’ve uploaded the reel as your story, you can simply save it as you would a story of yours directly.

Instagram Downloaders

A private Instagram video downloader is an app that allows you to save your and others’ stories and reels you have access to with relative ease. They also usually come equipped with other features you can also explore, try out and enjoy as well. When choosing to download any app, it is always wise to read garnered feedback from others who have already used said app first. 

An example of an Instagram downloader app is Glassglam which is considered one of the best apps you can use. The review of Glassagram was great and good since this app offers numerous popular features which are beneficial to someone who wants to use it. One of its features is viewing and downloading Instagram videos from another profile without being seen as a viewer.

Copying And Pasting Story And Reel Links

Publicly made Instagram reels always have links that can be copied and attached to them. From then on it can be pasted to whichever app is capable of recording the said link. Instagram stories come with links too. Although a few things to note would be that you don’t have access to Instagram story links if they’re from a private account or posted in the Close Friends mode. This method also only captures a link that’ll prompt you to view it on the Instagram app. Story links also become unavailable once the story expires. Despite being not the most straightforward way, it can still prove to be a quick fix to saving a story or reel you need to while you’re on the go. 

Screen Recording A Story or Reel

A screen recorder is a software that allows your device to record everything that’s being displayed on your device’s screen during the duration of which you use the said feature. Most devices nowadays come equipped with a built-in screen recorder. Otherwise, there are countless screen recording apps available in your respective app stores. Although a few things to note would be that you don’t have access to Instagram story links if they’re from a private account or posted in the Close Friends mode.

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To screen record your favorite reel or story on an iPhone simply drag down the notification bar and select the screen recorder button and play the story and reel you want to record. If this feature isn’t on your notification bar yet you can simply go to your settings and add the feature to your customized notification bar. 

To screen record on Android, simply go to your notification bar and select the record button. If it doesn’t come equipped with a screen recorder simply follow the screen recording app you’ve downloaded. Do take careful note that screen recording anything captures your entire screen, everything including, any sensitive information showcased will be recorded. 

Bottom Line

Instagram and its other features often encapsulate precious memories and events. Storing and saving them thus becomes all the more crucial. As having copies of them is essentially akin to holding on to these memories for the remainder of your life, do your loved ones and future self a favor and start saving your IG stories and reels. The abovementioned help you to do exactly that.

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