How to earn money from cryptocurrency in 2022? 


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The trend of cryptocurrency is at its peak, and within a few years, the whole digital currency industry evolved and astonished the people who took it for granted. The estimated value of cryptocurrency is around 1.9 billion$ globally and it is expected to have an escalation in its value followed by 2026 to reach 3 billion$. 

You can imagine how instant growth the crypto industry made. Therefore, it will be worthwhile to earn money from mining cryptocurrencies in 2022 as this is a best way to make passive income. Like other people, you can later shift your passive source to active income since once your portfolio will be diversified, you won’t need your active income. You will make your living on cryptocurrency. This article covers the best ways of earning from cryptocurrencies. So, let’s get straight into this. 

Can you really make money from NFT?

Yes! You can make money from NFT. one of the best and most effective ways of earning passive income from NFT, is to create and sell them. There is a great diversity in the creation of products in NFT which includes the creation of art, images, memes, GIFs, properties etc. If you create any of these things with perfection, there are chances, you can earn up to a certain limit and enjoy the rest of your life. 

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Best ways to earn from cryptocurrency in 2022:

These are the best ways to earn from the crypto industry by following the methods. 

Money through cloud mining: 

Over the course of the period, the whole cloud mining has evolved and resultantly now it has become possible to easily mine different cryptocurrencies by using the rental cloud computational power instead of owning or directly running any particular software.  Due to this utility now, Individuals can take part in crypto mining from far-off places by registering an account and submitting a fee. Resultantly, cloud mining institutions have expanded the mining’s access and profitability for a diverse range of people. Anybody on the internet can mine Bitcoin as per their comfort by staying at home and mining over the internet. There are many sites on the internet that provides the services of cloud mining, You always compare the sites and check the profitability and accessibility. As a result, you will be able to get more profit and experience in cloud mining. 

Earn money by referrals: 

There are various cryptocurrency affiliate platforms that pay you for inviting new crypto users to their site and mobile application. There are no charges for registering in referral programs. They are absolutely free. After joining, you will get a URL after. As you receive the URL, you can simply send the link everywhere, especially to your crypto communities. You can also send the URL to websites, and social media.  As long as the URL is clicked, you will be getting paid. One of the significant benefits is the potential to start instantly and start making money. Moreover, your income through these referrals won’t be discontinued, It will be continued and you will receive money for several months or even years. This type of program can be a best way to make passive income.  

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You may start earning money even if you are not investing. You will be qualified for receiving a 3% of referral commission against each purchase accomplished from your referral link.

E-book selling: 

In this modern age, self-publishing has become widely popular. You should write, edit, and design a book’s cover before uploading it on a self-publishing platform like Amazon KDP. But never count on success straight away. Before converting this into your passive income stream, you will need to spend a lot of time on the upfront marketing of the book. Then, you will be able to earn something extraordinary from it.

Designing pintables which you can easily sell online is completely a comparable choice. As pintables do not accommodate as an entire eBook does. They are simply a tool to design and provide you with the liberty of earning profit from passive sales. 

Marketing NFTs:

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens which are distinct digital assets stored on a digital ledger. The most fascinating thing about NFTs is that the investment you have can entirely be priceless. For all types of things such as digital designs, music, games, GIFs, photography etc. 

You can ultimately generate NFTs. The creation of an NFT is effortless. You just have to sign up for an account and follow the steps by using a particular website. There are various websites that offer this service, choose a service which is authentic and profitable. 

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NFT has a market cap of 11.9 billion$ and its revenue is escalating day by day due to its hype in the market.  It is easy to enter the green area. Just remember that both the minting expenses and the time are essentially importantly required to generate NFTs that will be sold requires an investment of time and dedication. 



All the best ways of earning through crypto have been discussed. Now it is your choice to select anything you like or want to do. just devote yourself keep improving it. The more you invest your time in it, the more you are able to gain experience and earn money. Pick up any of these ways and start gaining your passive income.