How to install free games and apps from third-party iOS


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Games and apps are a very important part of any Smartphone users’ life. Today there is a variety of games and apps to choose from on iOS for free. However, installing free games and apps from a third-party iOS can sometimes be tricky. This is because the device may be exposed to certain vulnerabilities while downloading from unknown sites.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways of installing games and apps from third-party iOS is by searching the apk version of the same on the web. Once you find the file you can download the same and run it on your device.

Another very easy and method is to download the games and apps from various third-party iOS app stores. Here is a list of the top 6 iOS app stores that can be used for the same.

Appsinject App Store –

This is one of the most smooth and user-friendly platforms that help to download apps and games from third-party iOS. The site was launched only in the year 2020 and is a relatively new site. One of the special features of this site is the wide variety of apps and games that are available on it.

Hktweaks App Store –

The Hktweak App Store is known to be not only a fast application but also is available to its users for free. Additionally, this platform keeps the users’ safety and privacy in the highest regard. The platform is simple and easy to use and efficient. These features make the Hktweaks App Store a very promising platform.

Panda Helper App Store –

 This app store helps the user to download unofficial games and apps on their iOS devices with added services. This app store provides both free as well as premium version services. The user can choose the services based on their requirements.

Tutubox App Store –

 The Tutubox App store 2021 is an updated and modern version that allows a variety of services. The app has thousands of tweaked games and apps from which the user can choose. The app store is also very fast and provides very less lead time. The premium version of the app store provides features that include, no revokes, highest quality downloads dedicated support, and no malware or viruses.

AltStore App Store –

The AltStore App Store is a very promising platform for downloading third-party apps and games. The platform does not require any jailbreak. The app store provides features like auto-updates and refreshes when required. The user only needs to install the app store allow the required permissions and let the app do the rest.

Coker NutX App Store –

This is a free platform for iOS related downloads with no jailbreaks. This store is a one-stop solution that helps download a variety of apps and various categories of games. It contains over 5000 apps and games to choose from. These apps and games are divided into various types of categories.