How to make your website more secure

Cyber Security

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If you’re a manager or boss of a business, the security of your website is probably often thought about but so often put on the back burner. This is likely because, unlike other parts of your business, your website is doing fine and is easy to put to one side. 

Just because something is doing okay though and there hasn’t been an issue yet, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take steps to make it more secure. Here are a few ways how you can do this.

Choose a trusted website host

There are so many website hosts out there but it’s important to choose the right one, especially where security is concerned. When it comes to choosing a website host, it can be really tempting to go for the cheapest option that most likely does the least for you.

These cheaper hosts often only hit the minimum requirements and can put you at risk. If you think about the peace of mind you can get from just spending that little bit more, you can see that it really is worth it in the long run.

Learn more

The best way to keep your website safe from risks is to understand them more. Few businesses offer training in this area, but it can be a real benefit to your whole team.

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Improving your cyber security via training offered by a provider like Pluralsight cybersecurity can help you get to know the ins and outs of things better. This will certainly help you avoid common mistakes that can lead to something happening. 

Keep everything updated

Keeping something like your content management system up to date can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your website safe.

The content management system is what you use to manage your website and upload content to it. Having this kept up to date is vital for making sure your security is the best it can be. This is very much the case with most things, as something like your phone requires regular updates to perform at its best.

Software isn’t perfect, which is why developers are always bringing out newer, better versions. Making sure you have the newest and the best is vital.

Think about passwords

Changing passwords regularly and limiting the number of people that have access to those passwords is a crucial part of keeping your website safe.

If your business has a website, there may be a good number of people that know the password to your CMS or similar. Though this may be necessary for the running of your business, the more people that know it, the higher the risk.

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People leave businesses all the time, so it’s important to make sure that no ex-employee is out there knowing how to log in and that passwords are updated on a very regular basis. By just doing this, you can eliminate so much of the risk that can arise when owning a website.