Is Open AI Chat Gpt overtaking Google?

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From the title, it might sound shocking but it might be true regarding the Chat GPT popularity around the globe. You can say that Google has some sort of monopoly regarding search results and other internet-based services such as email, maps, Youtube, etc. But with the advent of  Artificial intelligence tools, Google’s engineers’ road might not be easy. As the platform called OpenAI, a mixture of artificial intelligence and machine learning has become a potent threat 

As per the New York Times report, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are seriously discussing ChatGPT. They are planning to launch a range of their total 20 AI products and services this year. Additionally, you will see a chatbot feature in the coming months. 

The rising popularity and abilities of ChatGPT, an open AI chatbot platform by the company called OpenAI has left shockwaves in the Arena of Google Engineers. As per the NYT, they are very keen to demonstrate their AI abilities in forthcoming services and might launch a dedicated ChatGPT competitor. Additionally, there are a total number of 20 projects that are going to be launched this year. 

The report states that the management team of google engineers is somehow stressed with immense investment in research and development in artificial intelligence and machine learning, OpenAI platform ChatGPT increasing immense momentum around the globe. This is created a huge toll on the reputation of the research and development of Google. While on the other side with heavy inflation they are about to lay off more than 12,000 employees this year. At the same time, they want to create a dominant product that can crush other existing chatbot competitors in the market. 

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The timeline for the launching of the AI products is disclosed yet. But as per the internal development, we can see the launch of exciting products and services such as feature-rich Google Glass and Duplex. Google Glass is AR-based glass that is an amalgamation of  Google technology with Augmented reality to create a 3D view of google services in the real world. Duplex, it is Google technology that works on AI to schedule and become your virtual assistant to perform specific high-productivity tasks. 

Larry and Sergey back in Action 

In the latest NYT report, it is found that Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were on unofficial holiday from google management are proactively discussing ChatGPT with their parent company Alphabet Board members. They have discussed and added their crucial advice with an upcoming meeting of google officials with ChatGPt executives too. The re-engagement of the major owners of google clearly expresses the urge among the founders who are somewhere rattled by the exceptional capabilities of ChatGPT in the real world. It is said that after 2019 Google IO both of them left all responsibilities upon Sundar Pichai and were enjoying their life fully, but Open AI has become a major catalyst for Larry and Sergey back in Action at Alphabet Headquarters. 

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Addressing the facts right 

Google wants to get an extra edge by providing factually correct by removing all misleading information and curating the correct information only. In other words, they are more concerned about factual information with a rapid review process. 


The presence and popularity of ChatGPT, a programme of the OpenAI platform has created havoc in Google;’s dominant territory. Therefore the company is reshuffling its strategies to tackle the upcoming challenges in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Therefore it will be exciting to watch how Google, a tech giant will give competition with ChatGPT and other competitors to prove its dominance. 

While it is highly threatening at the same time when Microsoft, a tech giant also keen to invest heavily about $10 Billion in OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT. It will super exciting to watch how mega companies will shape our daily life with revolutionary technologies. 

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