Keyless entry systems are going touchless because of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot about how people live and work around the world. Even with various vaccines available, fluxuations in cases continue to disrupt work and school, leading to states and nations passing restrictions and guidelines to try and keep people safe. The biggest change we’ve seen in reaction to this pandemic is that everyone is more concerned about their health and safety, especially in public. 

Some of the changes imposed included new ways to hold business meetings, encouraging social distancing in public spaces, and using face coverings or masks to try to limit the spread of the virus. We’ve now seen some countries require people to show a proof of vaccination card to enter public spaces, attend events, or to travel. All of these measures are intended to ensure that the public remains safe during this current global pandemic that has claimed many lives on different continents around the world.

As people await a more permanent solution to this health crisis, it is evident that new ways of going about daily tasks are needed in the interim, and may be here to stay.  Technology has played a critical role in helping people find normalcy, especially in the workplace. While there are a variety of technologies that have changed to keep things safe during this time of COVID-19, one area that has experienced exponential growth is keyless entry systems.

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A door access system’s high-tech and varied features ensure that it only allows authorized workers to enter your premises. That’s correct: you have full access to the individuals who may enter your office with a few swipes of your finger, which means you’ll be able to interact with them more easily. Unauthorized personalities will never be able to enter the room. Install Safe and reliable door access systems in Singapore.

Keyless door lock systems for businesses are now using touchless designs to ensure their customers stay safe and have more peace of mind that they are protected from the highly contagious coronavirus. To make their products contactless, they integrate various technologies into the design of keyless entry systems. Here we will take a look at some of the technologies that keyless entry manufacturers are implementing for touchless systems during  COVID-19.

  • The use of motion detection

Keyless entry manufacturers are now developing a system that can only open or close entrances when movement is detected. Door locks with motion detection still require a user to show intent to unlock the door, so security is maintained. For example, the designed non-contact system can distinguish people from pets. The access system should not open when movement is detected by a pet, but only open when people are detected. Contactless door lock systems usually require the person to be in close proximity to detect a specific motion, like somebody waving a hand in front of a door reader versus somebody who is just walking by the door.

  • Use of voice commands.

Nowadays, you’re more likely to encounter a keyless entry system with built-in speech recognition. For this type of door lock system,  you have to speak into the reader’s microphone and receive authorization before entering the building, room, or office.

With this function, nobody has to touch the touchpad or buttons to enter a PIN. However, voice-activated door locks are not always a good option for noisy areas, or anywhere where a PIN could be overheard and compromised. Voice command door lock systems for commercial buildings are a great way to accommodate a touchless experience for visitors and guests.

  • The use of touchless mobile technology

The use of smartphone and mobile technology is also present in some keyless entry systems, where people scan a credential on their phone before they are allowed to enter the premises. It is a contactless option that’s easy to implement, and easy for people to use. Plus, mobile technology eliminates the need to manage keycards or touch a common reader to enter a PIN code. With multi-factor and biometric authentication built right into the phone, businesses can add more layers of security to their keyless entry systems without installing additional hardware .


Touchless technology is now a top priority for companies looking to return to work safely during COVID-19. The manufacturers of keyless entry systems also are improving their products to ensure they are as touchless as possible, leveraging mobile and cloud-based solutions to make going contactless a convenient and seamless process for commercial buildings

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