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Everyone is quite accustomed by now that digital marketing skills are highly in demand at the market. While the job market is practically booming with such skillsets and brands are putting forth more efforts than ever. 

But, before choosing digital marketing as your career option, it is very important to know, what is it that exactly makes it so special? 

Digital Marketing: A Brief Overview

Talking on a broader aspect, digital marketing is not so different from your traditional marketing strategies. The marketing tactics that are being applied in this digital era is commonly known as digital marketing. The best thing about digital marketing which made it gain so much popularity is its nature of flexibility when it comes to working hour and workspace.  

While we are embedded in the digital economy at every corner of our lives, there is a huge potential when it comes to digital marketing. Around 93% of all the internet searches start with a search engine making SEO one of the superior marketing strategies. But, with all that’s going around, the marketing is still not saturated, which gives us the green signal of entering while we can. 

Here is a list of some of the benefits of digital marketing which one needs to know before choosing it as a career:

1) Jump into the in-demand profession

 There are several advantages of learning digital marketing, and certainly, one of them is to work in a demanding industry. By the end of 2020, millions of jobs are going to be available for digital marketers. After the global recessions, a huge scarcity of jobs was seen worldwide. While one path is closing down for the newly graduated individuals, a fresh career opens. 

2) Flexible Career Options

It is very important to understand that digital marketing is not the job description but an entire industry on its own. With each and every company looking for digital marketing strategists, there is a huge variety of options to choose from. Starting from the marketing of the product to converting visitors into potential customers, everything is associated with digital marketing. 

3) Get Paid More

In a nutshell, everything comes down to how much you are going to be paid with the month is over. Understand this, in a very simple manner, when the demand for anything increases in the market, this results in increasing the overall cost of it. The same theory can be applied for jobs also. When the market is saturated, the salary given to the employee is less and vice-versa. In the case of digital marketing, due to its huge demand, there is a higher pay scale than others. 

This is a rundown for any individual who wants to think about the web, wants to investigate computerized advertising or a nerd who wants to think about the web. 

There are more than 3.9 billion web clients, 1.3 billion sites, and 2.1 billion Facebook clients on the planet and as yet checking…. 

Do you know, that whatever you do on the web, from browsing sites to signing up for a letter, each search, each snap, each view gets recorded in a parameter which is totally beyond Google search or any website admin in the investment center? 

So returning to the subject facts and details about Digital marketing, we should see a portion of the must-know things about the web. 

Here are some of the Facts about Digital marketing from my research: 

1. Searching Vs Buying Behavior 

As indicated by insights, 80% of the individuals in the United States are utilizing the web consistently. Out of these, 97% use it to look for items that they, in the end, wind up purchasing. 

2. Email Optimization Eminence 

It is assessed that over 55% of messages are currently opened on a cell phone which implies that email improvement for cell phones is essential. 

3. Web Users on Social Media 

It is accounted for that over 70% of internet users are available on, in any event, one internet-based platform, which implies that a dominant part of customers can in truth become through web-based social networking. 

4. Social Media Influence

Reviews and concentrates did by specialists in Social Media Marketing, as Hubspot and Social Media Examiner, uncovers some delightful insights about web-based promoting. Results uncovered that about 90% of advertisers said that online networking is significant for their organizations. 

5. Internet based life Marketer Social Media Usage 

66% of online advertisers are utilizing internet based life for approx 7 hours or more and 39% for at least 10 hours in seven days. 

6. Mobile Users Stats

As indicated by the reports from Google’s ‘The Mobile Playbook’, 94% of clients utilize cell phones for neighborhood data on the web. In view of a similar report, 51% of those clients visited the store they found on the web. 

8. Number of searches on Google 

The quantity of searches on Google every second is more than 40,000. There are 130 trillion listed pages and this number is continually developing. This shows how the dependence and strength of web index movement over other web exercises is developing. 

9. Google handles 79% of Queries 

Information for the August 2016 shows that Google holds the most noteworthy piece of the overall industry of the entire work area look, with over 79%, trailed by Bing (9.9%) and Yahoo! (8.34%). For portable pursuits, Google’s offer is much bigger, with over 90%. 

In an overview directed with SEO industry pioneers, 94% of the members shared that the title tag was the best spot to embed watchwords so as to seek after higher rankings on web crawlers but the ongoing calculation has made a huge difference. 

Title tag has quite recently become a piece of on-page SEO enhancement and Backlinks has been a major factor in positioning a site higher on SERP. 

10. Top 1000 Keywords aren’t sufficient 

The best 100 and even the main 10,000 catchphrases really represent not so large a level of search traffic. That just implies that regardless of whether you could by one way or another command the main 1000 catchphrases on web indexes, you would miss out on about 90% of the complete inquiry traffic in play. 

11. Diverse Result for Mobile 

With about generally half of the web’s traffic beginning from cell phones, Google rewards sites, which are designed to respond to the user’s device and load themselves accordingly.

12. Google Algorithm Changes 

Google had been making changes to its Algorithm changes more than 200+ occasions on a normal. 

There has been plenty of reviews and examines directed so as to decide the web search tool piece of the pie, and the figures do fluctuate in various reports. In any case, the main thing they shared for all intents and purposes is Google’s amazingness over all the other web crawlers. As indicated by the comScore results for February 2016, around 64% of searches have been directed through Google internet searcher. 

13. Search Query Statistics 

Google’s market share of the overall industry on cell phones is over 90%, trailed by Yahoo! with around 5% and Bing with roughly 6% of the market share. 

14. Use of web crawlers 

Use of web crawler’s changes in various parts of the world. While Google takes up the biggest piece of the internet searcher piece of the overall industry in the USA and India, Baidu takes up over 60% market share of the overall industry in China, where Google falls behind with under 5%. This shows the gigantic estimation of site improvement. 

15. Most Popular Analytics 

Google Analytics is the most well-known examination instrument which is utilized by 87% of Analytic Agencies who give proficient web dealing administrations to different organizations. Because of the numerous highlights offered by Google Analytics, numerous website admins utilize this administration solely, without feeling the need to explore other web-based analytical tools

16. Favorable position of Google Analytics 

The Biggest favorable position of utilizing Google Analytics is that the services from this tool can be combined with other similar web assessment services by Google (for example, Google AdWords and Google Search Console), making an exceptionally extensive and adroit examination. 

It doesn’t end here; the advance tool Google Tag Manager has combined all the popular elements and technologies over the web to make the implementation easy.

17. Significant Website Users 

  • Facebook: 2.072 billion clients 
  • Flickr: 90 million clients 
  • Google+: 111 million clients 
  • Instagram: 800 million clients 
  • LinkedIn: 500 million clients 
  • Twitter: 330 million clients 
  • WhatsApp: 900 million clients 
  • Youtube: 1.5 billion clients  

18. 75% of individuals by and large don’t click promotions 

Google has sufficiently given to improve the snap a shot advertisement by their pertinent calculation yet now of time individuals know about promotions and 70-80% of a search engine click on an organic listing that the ads on the top. 

19. India is the number supporter

Facebook in India has the most Facebook users out of some other nation on the planet. These users include helps Facebook in getting assets from speculators and get more sponsors on the stage. (Statitsa, 2018) 

20. Snapchat down from $27.09 to $10.97 

Snapchat lost its offer an incentive as blemish Zuckerberg indecently duplicated highlight to their claimed stage Instagram. This made snap chat user’s keep just application Instagram to get a similar component snap talk offered with a greater crowd. 

As a result in May 2018, Snapchat’s offers were worth $10.95, down from their unique estimation of $27.09. (Brandwatch, 2018)

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, it is your life, and it solely depends upon you which career path you want to choose for your future. In the context of digital professionals, there is a huge opportunity out there if you believe you have the correct skillsets required for the job. But, if you don’t want to swing in your career and stick to this particular industry, you have to constantly keep yourself up with the advancing technologies. 

So, if you believe you have what it takes, then surely go for it. There is a bright future ahead in digital marketing.