Learning How To ‘Create Time’ For Your Goals And Projects

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Everyone needs to keep up with their goals and projects. It’s hard to manage daily tasks, but if you want to get ahead, you have to create time for yourself. Dennis Bonnen explores different strategies to make sure your goals and projects don’t get pushed aside in favor of other tasks.

Make A To-Do List Every Day

Having a physical list of things you must do is an easy way to ensure your day stays on track. Start by writing down all the tasks you must complete, from the most important to the least important ones. Then, prioritize them so you know which ones you should do first. That will help you focus on what needs to be done and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Use Time Blocking

Time blocking is an excellent tool for creating more time in your day so that you can work on your goals or projects without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by other tasks. With time blocking, you divide your day into smaller chunks of time and assign specific activities or tasks within each block. That lets you focus on one task at a time while ensuring everything else gets done too.

Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines helps keep you accountable and focused on completing tasks promptly so that there is no lag between one task you finish and another you start up again. When setting deadlines for yourself, make sure they are realistic but challenging enough so that it still takes some effort to complete them on time. Also, don’t forget about any external deadlines given by clients or colleagues; meeting those will ensure successful collaboration and increased productivity levels for yourself.

Take Breaks

Regular breaks throughout the day help keep your energy levels up and ensure you stay productive over long periods without feeling burned out or overwhelmed by all the work piling up in front of you. Aim for five-minute breaks every hour, but if possible, try taking longer breaks, such as lunch or weekend trips away from work altogether; this will help clear your head and give you renewed motivation when it comes time to start working again!

Delegate Tasks

If possible, delegate some of the less important tasks to someone who can handle them better than you can (or simply has more free time). That will free up more hours in your day to focus on what matters most—your goals and projects—without having all those other distractions pulling away at your attention span.                                

Track Your Progress

Tracking how far along each goal/project is helps keep your motivation levels high. It gives you something tangible (other than just “feeling” like progress is being made), showing how much closer each goal/project is getting to completion over time.  It will also help ensure nothing gets left behind during busy weeks or months when multiple projects need attention at once.

Take Care Of Yourself

Don’t forget about taking care of yourself throughout all this; make sure there’s enough “me-time” built into every week so that burnout doesn’t happen. And don’t forget to get enough sleep when there isn’t enough “me-time” available. That way, progress won’t suffer due to fatigue caused by a lack of restful sleep cycles.


Creating extra time to achieve our goals and complete our projects may seem daunting at times, but with these strategies listed above and self-care practices thrown into the mix, we will be able to reach our potential sometime soon. Dennis Bonnen believes that by following these steps diligently, we’ll see positive results and, more importantly, feel fulfilled knowing we’ve achieved success through hard work with little assistance from others. Remember: take small steps today towards building tomorrow’s successes for yourself.