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With tremendous growth in the car rental industry (at a CAGR of 10.7% from the year 2020-2027), the need for a highly-viable car rental software is pretty evident. The software is required to help existing car rental business owners in renting their fleet and managing various business operations or help startups for launching new online peer to peer car rental marketplace. Using the software’s interface, consumers can also rent cars on the go and make direct payments without the involvement of an intermediator. 

Popular Online Car Rental Marketplaces:

  • Turo
  • Getaround
  • Car Next Door
  • Hertz
  • Enterprise
  • Car2Go
  • Drive Now

However, the selection of software to power your car rental business requires considerable attention. For a 24/7 operating online business with diverse consumers, there is an imperative need for user-friendly interface and quick customer support. Along with these two features, the following softwares offer you added functionality like order and tax management, fleet management, membership subscriptions and marketing options. Check the complete list below:

#1. Yo!Rent

Description: Yo!Rent is a white-label rental marketplace software that you can use to conduct your online car rental business. It is fully-customizable and has features like subscription management, inventory management, faceted search and multi-purpose file attachments. With minimum customization you can build a car rental marketplace with Yo!Rent. 

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Software type: License Based

Hosting type: Self-hosted

Pros: Fully scalable and Customizable, features both rent and sell, multi-currency and multilingual.

Cons: Templates and auto-upgrade are not available.

#2. Rent Syst

RentSyst is a car rental software with an online vehicle tracking system. Like Yo!Rent, it also has simplified order management and can be used to rent all types of vehicles like RVs, boats, scooters and cars.


Software type: SaaS

Hosting type: Cloud Hosted

Pros: Adaptive interface, real-time data access mode

Cons: Few integrations with different systems, sometimes icons or fonts are displayed incorrectly

#3. Easy Rent Pro

Easy Rent Pro is a multi-language car rental software suited for startups and SMBs. With the help of this software, car rental business owners can increase their work efficiency and productivity easily. 


Software type: SaaS

Hosting type: Cloud Hosted

Pros: Agreements management, multilingual, content management system

Cons: Lacks adequate customer support, only works on Windows systems

#4. Navotar

Navotar is a cloud-based software that you can use to effortlessly manage your fleet. This car rental software is also mobile friendly and syncs with database changes in real time. 


Software type: SaaS

Hosting type: Cloud Hosted

Pros: Easy to use, compatible with Apple products

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Cons: Lacks adequate customer support

#5. MyRent

MyRent provides control of the most complex car rental operations at your fingertips. It has a smooth user experience and comes with essential and added features like vehicle checkin/checkout and digital signatures respectively. 


Software type: SaaS

Hosting type: Cloud Hosted

Pros: Calendar planning,  XML invoicing, cash management

Cons: A little complex to use

#6. ScheduleBull

ScheduleBull is a software with automated contracts and billing. It can be used for a wide range of rental operations like renting hotel rooms, hostels, cars and other vehicles. 


Software type: Rental Management software

Hosting type: Hosting with integrated email browser

Pros: Invoice creation and analytical reports

Cons: Billing system still has scope for improvement

#7. CARS+

CARS+ is a fast and reliable car rental software developed by Thermeon. It comes with a complete suit for accounting, reporting and order management. 


Software type: Saas

Hosting type: Cloud hosting

Pros: Wholesale tour reservations, multi-language support, fully translatable 

Cons: Difficult to export Reports

#8 RentWorks

RentWorks makes efficient online platforms for rental operations. It comes with QuickBooks accounting software pre-installed and is loaded with features for fleet utilization, reservations management and more. 


Software type: Robust

Hosting type: Cloud hosting

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Pros: Good for reporting and fleet management

Cons: Simple feature like window minimization is missing

#9. Rent Centric

Car rental software by Rent Centric has impressive fleet management and customer service features. Overall, it is a preferable solution for entrepreneurs wanting to start hyper-local car rental business.


Software type: On-Demand software

Hosting type: Free hosting

Pros: Easy to set up, user-friendly

Cons: Initial templates are not good, does not support unlimited users and products, price increases based on the number of users, vehicles and locations

#10. Car Hire Manager Web

Car hire manager web can be accessed from any mobile or desktop device with a stable internet connection. It comes with an XML interface and has a separate portal for agents.


Software type: Web based car rental software

Hosting type: Web hosting

Pros: Multilingual, online vehicle tracking, CRM functionality

Cons: Reporting features malfunction


Although we have mentioned the basic cons and pros of all leading car rental softwares above, the best approach to find the one that’s most profitable for your business is to handpick some solutions and reach out to their sales professionals. They can provide you with the complete information that you need to make a clear decision.