Metal Recycling – How Scrap Can Save the Planet


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Did you know that recycling metals has reduced both environmental and water pollution by 86% and 76%, respectively? Anyone’s ears would perk up at those figures! What if we tell you that there are also a number of financial advantages to recycling metal, including both personal and professional gains?

How much will scrap metal recycling save you money on energy costs in the long run? Let’s first examine the definition of metal recycling and how it can benefit the environment.

How Does Metal Recycling Work?

If you take a quick look around the space you’re in right now, you’ll probably notice a variety of metals, whether it’s the building’s structure, the furnishings, or even the aluminum can you’re drinking from.

All types of metals are used in our daily lives. But what happens when those metals are no longer needed? The best response to that query is that it should be recycled as scrap metal.

The Environmental Advantages of Recycling

There is more to it than just a price tag when carelessly discards metal objects. The ecosystem has been sacrificed, which presumably doesn’t come as a surprise.

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Many people are unaware that when metals are simply dumped, we face the danger of exposing the environment to the metals’ most basic form. If we break it down, it doesn’t initially sound horrible. Or, in the case of most metals, “unable to break it down,” which could be more concise.

1. Energy Conservation

To further demonstrate how important metal recycling may be for energy conservation, consider the following context:

 A computer can run for up to three hours on ONE recycled aluminum can, while a light bulb can run for more than twenty hours. Who knew!?

The fact that only 35% of aluminum being recycled is problematic given this statistic’s focus on the significant energy advantages that recycling metals brings. In the big perspective, this equates to a massive loss of energy.

2. The National Economy Benefits

This country’s economy will benefit from domestic recycling of these metals, which also lessens the demand for international mining. This saves numerous dollars per year in addition to having a significant positive environmental impact.

3. Your Business Saves Money Too

Yes, recycling metal scrap supports both the local and national economies, thus it also benefits your company. Commercial scrap metals recycling can lower costs by reducing disposal costs, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your company’s operations. 

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Additionally, you can use your company as a second source of income. How? Read on. If your firm decides to recycle, you may highlight your initiatives and market your brand as environmentally friendly! 

Next, based on your state, you might be eligible for tax breaks for using recycled-materials-made equipment, a property tax exemption for recycling waste, or even tax breaks for employing recycled materials during production.

As you can see, recycling waste metals makes perfect sense!


Now that you are more informed about the benefits of commercial recycling for your company and the world, it is time for you to take action!