Most Scintillating Blockchain Companies in the Year 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes Blockchain technology has been one of the most disrupting technologies to have ever come up in this modern era. No wonder it has been bubbling under the surface for quite some time now.


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Reading Time: 4 minutes

Blockchain technology has been one of the most disrupting technologies to have ever come up in this modern era. No wonder it has been bubbling under the surface for quite some time now. However, the time has come for it to explode into the mainstream. Now, many people perceive it to the same as Bitcoin, which is viewed as a speculative asset to gamble on. The truth is that blockchain is much more than that.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will divert our attention to the most scintillating blockchain companies that are trying their level best to take cryptocurrency to the mainstream. It is the perfect time for you to invest in blockchain technology by affiliating with reputed IoT solution providers and coming up with breakthrough blockchain products. 

The fantastic part about blockchain technology is the fact that it focuses on revolutionizing different industries that we see on an everyday basis, including security, health care, and finance. As promised, now let’s look at some of the scintillating Blockchain companies in the year 2019.


One of the biggest problems that users face while using the web is the disconnect between advertisers and the people browsing the internet. At present, we see that almost every site consists of an ad blocker. If a particular site does not have an ad blocker, it becomes ad blind.

Most of the people browsing the internet have become angry with tracking behaviors. They are tired of the unfair practice of scooping up their information. All that is about to change with the emergence of Brave. It is a blockchain company that aims to transform the relationship between advertisers and website visitors. You will be surprised to know that Brendan Eich is the founder of the company. The same person who co-founded the Mozilla foundation and created the JavaScript programming language. 

The great thing about Brave is that it rewards users and publishers through its platform’s very own cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token. The users are paid for their attention, and advertisers pay for meaningful interaction with their target audience.


Counterfeiting is a huge business, especially in China. The fraudulent products not just include shoes or designer bags, but also essential items like life-saving medications and even infant formula. The only way to stop this problem is by giving power to the consumer to ascertain and opt-out of counterfeit merchandise. This is done by Tael. It consists of a blockchain-based inventory tracking system. It is already rolled out in select stores in China to ascertain the authenticity of infant formula in China. They found that the problem is so prevalent that people are willing to pay premium prices to ensure that the goods they purchase are legitimate. 


Users are cautious about the up and down value of cryptocurrency. This is especially true for people who are depending on these funds to pay off their rent. Even people who are paid in cryptocurrency like vendors or freelancers having a stable currency is essential.

Various attempts have been made to make cryptocurrency stable; however, most of them are dependent on one central point of failure (backed by flat currency like our prevailing financial institutions). But, Maker has created an ingenious system which enables for a stable coin backed by Ethereum.

Although this is not a piece of exciting news for those who are trading in cryptocurrency, it will become a legitimate force as a payment methodology for everyday goods and services.


Ripple is one of the most anticipated blockchain projects existing in recent times. It addresses a significant concern that cryptocurrency was developed to eradicate: global payments. Despite technological advancements, even today it takes almost five days for international payments to reach the recipient. It is also not the most cost-effective mechanism to send payments. 

Bitcoin concentrates on distinguishing people from financial institutions and banks while Ripple wishes to make these entities more efficient. It streamlines its payment systems.


There was a time when Coinbase was not very popular. However, with the crypto boom, things started changing for the better for this blockchain company. The company was the first to enable U.S. citizens to purchase cryptocurrency. The result was the company struggled to keep up with the pace in the months to follow.

However, if you think that Coinbase is only for purchasing Bitcoin, then you are wrong. It offers a gamut of features to investors, including vault storage. They have processed more than 150 billion dollars in digital currency, and nothing can stop them soon!


The ultimate objective of Bitcoin was to make the users their banks. However, not many people were ready to undertake such a responsibility. Nexo tries to develop a solid middle ground between concealing all your money and giving up total control to someone else.  

Nexo users can take loans against the cryptocurrency holdings easily. Alternatively, they can even earn interest by locking tokens and coins. However, the best thing about Nexo in comparison to other platforms is the fact that it is conducting the stuff in the right manner. Their set up is user-friendly. The company has already had more than a billion dollars in loan requests from investors.  


Identity theft is one of the prevalent problems that is becoming worse as the years as passing by. Today, it has become more accessible for people to find out about the personal information of people with the help of software. This has given rise to cybercrimes. Financial institutions are especially prone to data breaches that make them lose the trust of customers. 

Hydrogen consists of a blockchain-based software that provides an additional layer of security that can be executed into banking institutions or any other application. It can even help you to store personal data securely. This will not only ensure safety but also save your vital time.  

Final Words

These are some of the most scintillating blockchain companies in the year 2019. To create ingenious applications using blockchain technology, employ IoT Implementation from a proficient IT company today!

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