NetBase Quid: Social Media Auditing Has Become a Critical Component of Brand and Market

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Social media audit is the process of monitoring the behavior of your audience and identifying the most engaged users to analyze their behavior and trends. One key use case for this is to identify and anticipate the types of products and services that your audience is seeking to purchase. Think of social media audit as being like a detective. You are looking for clues, keeping track of your own data and where you succeeded in reaching your audience. You use this information to form a picture of the world around you, especially the world of your competition.

NetBase Quid Era

Before NetBase Quid, marketers and analysts would spend hours sifting through social media to capture and monitor the conversations and activities of individual users. With NetBase Quid, you collect and analyze consumer data by having them login to their accounts directly from the platform and providing the data within a user’s account.

For example, a clothing brand could have a user share a picture of their in-store display. This is then saved as a NetBase Quid profile and matched with a consumer’s public social media footprint. The insight revealed in the NetBase Quid report could inform social media content and messaging, evaluate customer satisfaction, customer advocacy, and growth.

Map Your Domain

NetBase Quid allows you to map any domain and run relevant queries on your entire social media network to uncover insights that are not only specific to the same. Its auditing service allows brands to uncover consumer opinions on social media platforms, giving you the full story behind the consumer.

The platform allows you to perform a social media audit from anywhere on the web and includes network visualization tools to discover interesting, dormant, and active communities. You can also look for recent trends within your social media network and learn how users engage with your brand.

Identify Your Target Market

Identify the social media platforms where your target audience is active and establish how long they spend on each one. Review the share of voice and the views of your target audience on each social media channel.

Analyze the Social Media Platform

Analyze the influence of your competitors, whether sharing or not. An annual social media audit is a good way to measure your company’s brand awareness and overall activity. While your brand might be thriving, that doesn’t mean you can’t make small tweaks to make sure that it stays that way. To get started, you will need to review your current social media profile information. This includes information about each post. This includes content, the times it was shared, if anyone liked it and even the subject.

Key Use Cases

There’s no denying that social media is a part of today’s business world. This makes it a great place for consumers to get a real look at your business. Get a deeper understanding of your customers and how they communicate with one another. You need social media audit for some of these reasons:

  • Know customer insights by analyzing trends and patterns across platforms and brands
  • Check deep customer insights that can help you make key business decisions
  • Monitor customer sentiment across social media channels
  • Listen to what your customers are saying – not only within your company but in the entire marketplace
  • Get rich content insights on each consumer touch point along with the trends of your competitors
  • Get an understanding of your customers’ needs and align your marketing to those needs
  • See what your customers are saying about your competitors and see how they influence your competition

NetBase Quid social media audit is designed to improve business performance by identifying information that can help improve a company’s performance, identify and predict trends and reactions from key audiences. It will improve your brand and product reputation, achieve relevant outcomes and boost customer engagement.