Top 10 Places to buy affordable rugs online?

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Rug buying is an overwhelming process. Perhaps, it’s quite possible that anyone is tired of visiting the nearby rug store. In such cases, it’s a blessing to hear about online rug stores. Nowadays, online shopping is the new normal. From buying rugs online to all furniture items, it is a minute made shopping. No doubt, in brick-and-mortar stores, rugs are not easy to buy as they have limited rugs with too high prices.

No question at all; picking an area rug is a huge struggle. However, if you have decided to buy it in person, you will be tired. Because wandering from store to store takes too much cost. Anyhow, if you spare the internet for rug buying, there are many stores where you can buy the best rug online. All of these are excellent and affordable. 

Keep in mind, wherever you buy your rug online, make sure that you have agreed to all terms. For instance, read about the delivery time and shipment fee. Look for a return policy. Indeed the whole process needs much attention. Once you are satisfied, whip your card and buy.

A brief list of places where you can buy rugs online 

  1. Buy best rugs online from Amazon 
  2. Incredible rugs online from Anthropologie 
  3. Rug Gallery 
  4. Boundless 
  5. IKEA
  6. PIER 1
  7. Urban Outfitters 
  8. Wayfair 
  9. World market 
  10. Home depot 

1- Buy the best rugs online from Amazon. 

Amazon is one of the great places to buy rugs online. It sells everything you need for your home. Moreover, it has all the latest and affordable goods. You can have a wide collection over here. Just do a quick search, and you will come across a plethora of rugs. No doubt all of these rugs come with many benefits and have a free shipment. However, besides big dealers, you can check Amazon’s rug stores. You can easily buy a rug starting from $85. This is a cost anyone can afford. 

2- Incredible rugs online from Anthropologie 

This is another best rug store that works online. They have a wide collection of home items. It is famous because of its clothing section. It has an exclusive collection of rugs and pillows. Designers around the world display their products at this store. 

However, the price varies. Large-size rugs are a bit expensive. But, there are many rugs that you can easily buy. Most often, rugs in this store follow a boho-chic. No doubt this looks global. So if you are on a short budget, you can buy an affordable rug from here. Cost starts from $398 for large rugs.

3- Rug gallery 

If you are looking for a rug hub, rug gallery is one of the best stores to buy rugs online. At the rug gallery, you have a wide range of rug materials along with sizes, styles, and designs. 

4- Boundless

Perhaps, this is a newcomer in the world of rugs. However, it has many custom options. This store has no bargain system. All the prices are straightforward. However, here you can have expert advice. If you are not aware of rugs, they can guide you a lot. Here you can select the rug pattern and can have custom colors and shades later on. This is your very own personal pick.

Moreover, there are certain other important things as well. This rug store provides you a rug trial at less cost. So, you can try the rug before you buy it finally. The price starts from $598 for these rugs.


Perhaps, it is a versatile store. You can buy everything here, including rugs. They have a wide variety of rugs. You can easily buy your favorite rugs. However, they also have a variety of styles and designs.

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Moreover, they have affordable prices as well. These online rug sellers have flat prices and the least shipping cost. Their rug collection starts from $39. With a good shipping cost, you can probably install the whole room at once.

6- Pier 1

They have a huge collection of home decor items. Now their supreme collection is extended towards rugs. They have both simple and designer rugs. You can buy Mongolian as well as simple geometric rugs. They have delicate as well as sturdy rugs.

Moreover, you can also find a wide variety of materials over here. At pier one, all the prices are affordable. Furthermore, they have free shipping. 

7- Urban Outfitters

 What makes this rug store great is the wide availability of rugs. Most often, they deal with printed rugs. These rugs are for casual purposes and look so elegant. Moreover, they have less pile height. You can get Persian rugs from here as well. If you are looking for some basic rugs at low prices, this is the best option. Fill up your cart and enjoy later. 

8- Wayfair

This is a legendary store. You can get almost all home furnishings here. Moreover, this dealer has an affordable range. It is also famous because of its high quality but low prices. This retailer has free shipping along with a short supply. However, you can get a wide range of rush over here. Last but not least, they have almost thousands of rugs. The price starts from $80.

9- World Market

At the world market, you can have an ample variety of rugs. Usually, they deal with neutral and geometric rugs. Moreover, you can buy the rug at a reasonable price. 

10- Home Depot

The range of affordable indoor and outdoor carpets at Home Depot wins it a spot on this list. The hardware store has a large selection of low-maintenance, low-cost rugs made of synthetic materials. They have a great collection of rugs. Along with indoor, you can also buy outdoor and oriental weavers rugs. They have soft material, so they are so comfy underfoot.


With the help of an online rug store, you can now buy rugs online by sitting just in your bed and without even putting a step on the floor. Online rug stores have made the buying process so easy. However, it is you who have to make a final decision.

 Moreover, besides all the stores mentioned above, visit the rug gallery as well. Indeed it is one of the best rug stores in Columbus. This rug store provides you with the latest rugs in an affordable range. Because we know it’s a worthwhile investment, an area rug is a piece you will enjoy for a lifetime.