Technology and Water Leak Sensors in Homes


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Technology and water leakage sensors in homes help to prevent costly repairs and offer protection from flooding damage. Many homeowners often overlook these key items when shopping for a new home, but a surprising number of flood incidents is preventable. Water leakage is the number one cause of basement leak problems, and many times it’s not easy to determine where the leak is coming from. There are a number of leak detection systems available on the market that can help to pinpoint the source of the problem before costly repairs are made. 

Technology has created a variety of new products over the years that provide home security and monitoring services. Many of these new products can be combined with traditional security systems for even greater protection. Motion sensors are one example of new technology that can provide protection for your family and home. A motion sensor can be installed in virtually any area of your home or business and will detect movement. 

When the sensor senses movement it will activate the alarm or alert you to the situation. These detectors are extremely sensitive and only a small amount of movement will trigger an alarm. The sensor is also designed to ignore any animal movement that is detected in your home. If an animal enters your home without your knowledge or permission a sensor will not trigger an alarm. 

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Other types of water leaks can be detected by a heat sensitive device. If there is a leak in the attic or other area, a heat sensor can be installed. Sensors can be installed on the walls, floors, or ceiling in order to pinpoint the location of the leak. Once the location is determined, a leak repair technician can be sent to the location to fix the problem. 

Technology has advanced to the point where motion detectors can be integrated with your home security system. If a person walks into your home without permission, or breaches a protection mechanism, a panic button will be triggered and contact the local authorities. Depending on the type of sensor you have, this will either alert you to the breach or immediately shut off the home security system. This technology has made many homes safer because someone will not feel comfortable breaking in. In addition, it gives homeowners peace of mind knowing they will not be home when this happens. 

Leak detectors can also be used to detect water damage in your home. They work by detecting the presence of a liquid. If the liquid is not removed within a 24 hour time, a loud alarm will sound and alert you to the leak. This type of leak detection is especially useful for older homes or buildings where building codes do not require sprinkler systems to be installed. 

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Technology has made our lives easier by making our lives more convenient. It is no wonder that home security companies are now targeting these home improvements to increase the overall value of a property and make homeowners feel more secure in their home. Of course, technology cannot help homeowners if they are not willing to take the initiative to keep their home protected and in good repair. Homeowners should take the time to check their home for leaks, purchase new appliances, and install any security devices recommended by their home security system company.

As mentioned above, there are important new technologies that have been developed to make life less stressful. Take for example even a hot water tank. There are parts that are very important  such as an anode rod that can eat away and cause issues with the tanks. Something small that can be detected can help sensor these issues and alert you to change them out before they cause undesirable situations. If you need help with installing a new water heater or hot water tank, you can find a professional to help. A plumber knows how to fix hot water in Geelong or in any area you may need. 

It doesn’t take long to implement new technology into your home. In fact, most of these measures take less than an hour to perform. When you take the extra effort to make your home as secure as it possibly can be, you’ll find that you’ll have much more peace of mind knowing that you’ve done everything you can to protect your family.

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