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Technology to Help Mobile Salespeople Ace Their Customer Service

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It is noteworthy that today’s customers are very different from those of the past. They have increased desires to be treated in a certain way and demand nothing short of exceptional customer service. It is safe to say that today many businesses succeed while the others dwindle because they are doing customer service right. Over 80% marketers would agree and research also proves that improved customer services tend to improve business performance.

At this point, one would assume that marketers would be familiarising themselves with the latest technologies to use so that they can ensure more happy customers and in turn more sales. However, this is not true for most marketers. Statistics reveal that close to 70% marketers have still not begun making use of the latest technology to improve their communication and achieve their targets. Same applies for the sales team. The sales team of business must also harness the potential that lies behind good customer service skills that they can make use of to convert leads into sales at a new and improved rate.

Customer Service is easy if you have the right tools and technology to help you with it. Here is a list of technologies that can save you time and provide your customer service representative with a systematic way of dealing with issues at hand.

  • Mobile friendly: A lot of customers today are banking on their favourite brands to have a mobile-friendly website because let’s face the truth, over 90 % consumers are accessing what they want on mobiles. Be it services, products or both, consumers have a mobile phone handy at all times as against a laptop. A company should always remember their customers and understand that they are the modern day customers who are almost always on the go. This is the reason why if you do not have an app, then at least the website should be mobile friendly. This includes the customer service section which is the most sought section when a customer is unable to find what they are looking for.
    1. Chatbots: A lot of marketers are drawing conclusions that chatbots are useless as consumers of today can tell the difference between a bot and a real human customer service representative. Although, a major portion of that analysis is true, there is a small portion of it that goes unmentioned. It is the fact that with growing times, consumers want quick and effective responses. At this juncture, a personalised experience and a rather quick one might be hard to achieve unless a company can afford hundreds of customer service representatives. While this is not the most feasible idea, the best way to approach this is to customise chatbots that can provide solutions at the fastest possible time. Once the chatbot is unable to attend to the issue, the issue can then be routed to a human being with customer service skills. This way, a consumer will receive both quick response and real human experience. The trick is in balancing the two out.
  • State of the art troubleshooting tools: Your customer service team can work efficiently only if they have been provided with excellent and up to date tools to troubleshoot and collaborate. There are plenty of tools such as Slack, Trello, Freshdesk etc to allow your employees to arrange, discuss and handle tasks in an effective and collective manner. The sales team always requires an interactive channel to ensure that they are ahead of their game with updates from the day and before so that when they face the client, they have answers ready.
  • Omni Channels: With marketing happening across channels, it is a usual phenomenon that customers might write in with their queries and concerns across channels too. In order for all these to be accumulated in one place and not lost, a company must make use Omni channels which is a multi-channel sales effort with integrated customer service and experience. These channels ensure that no matter where a customer comes from they have seamless customer support so that they have the seamless experience. This is important as companies today have so many platforms on which they are accessible. It can get confusing for the brand and the consumers when it comes to supporting and thus this is a great way to fix this issue without compromising on your multi-channel presence.

Tracking tools: And finally all of these efforts will be a huge waste if a brand were not to track the performance of their approaches and keep redefining plans and improvements. This is the most important step to understand what you are doing right and what you are not so that you can revamp the customer service section as per your customer’s desires. It is very important to track these metrics to adjudge how your team is doing and how much they are doing too. Simple metrics such as first contact resolution, the time taken to respond, the time is taken to resolve etc are important to understand what the turnaround time for your business and customer support should be. This will also give customers a chance to understand your brand and your service thus allowing them to keep coming back to you.

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