The Internet of Things (IoT) Will Dominate Our Lives in the Next Five Years

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IoT is changing the world for the better. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been changing the world for a few years now, but it’s safe to say that things are only going to get more exciting. By 2020, there will be more than 20 billion connected devices in our world. IoT is going to transform industries and change how we live our lives. Here are some of the most important ways that IoT will affect us all over the next five years.

Everything Will be Connected

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects that are embedded with electronics, software, and sensors to support communication between themselves and their connected users. It’s changing the way we live by allowing everything from our clothes to our homes to be connected to the internet. Can you imagine when everything is connected? This means your car, home, office, phone, TV, and computer along with your fridge and toothbrush. You’ll be able to use voice commands or gestures on your smartphone or smartwatch to control them all as long as they’re within range.

It’s not just about convenience. These connected devices could also save lives by keeping track of elderly relatives living alone at home so that help can get there fast if needed. There are already many applications available today such as Nest which allows users who subscribe through an app on their mobile device access via Wifi from anywhere in the world via an internet connection provided by cellular providers.

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Every Industry Will be Transformed by IoT

We are already seeing how IoT is changing the world. Everything from manufacturing to safety to activities of daily living will be transformed by this technology. This means that any device can be controlled remotely, no matter where it’s located or who owns it. This is big news for robotics companies like Sarcos that already leverage remote technology and hybrid technology to get work done. Having these devices more connected could transform how people interact with them from a distance.

IoT Security and Privacy are Paramount

IoT security and privacy are paramount. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a complex problem that isn’t just about the technology itself, but also about how humans interact with it. IoT security encompasses many challenges. It’s a global issue because connecting devices around the world means that an attack that happens in one part of the world could impact other parts of it. It’s also a multi-dimensional problem because there are multiple stakeholders involved in IoT security. This includes device manufacturers to end users, governments and regulators, and more.

IoT Will Improve Customer Connections

The customer is at the center of everything. The customer is king, and you must do all you can to please him or her. You must listen to your customers, understand their needs better than ever before and come up with solutions that will change their lives for the better. Leveraging IoT technology means you can learn more about your customers and implement changes that can improve their lives.

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Cars, Homes, and Cities Will be Smarter

The smart car is an important new concept that many manufacturers are, or will be, creating. How does it work? Well, as you’re driving down the highway, your car communicates with every other car on the road. It also communicates with the road itself. If something is in front of you and blocking a lane like a stalled car, your vehicle will know about it and help avoid hitting that obstruction. The smart car also can communicate with its driver. If there’s an accident ahead or some sort of problem on the road like construction, then this information will be relayed to drivers via their personal vehicle system so that they can plan accordingly.

Virtual Assistants Will Become Indispensable

If you think you love Siri now, imagine what she can do in the future when connected to all these things. Virtual assistants will become more and more integrated into our lives. They will be able to do more and more things, do things we can’t do ourselves, and do things that we don’t have the time or energy to do. You can tell Siri to check to make sure the stove is off in your home. You can tell it to vacuum the floor before you get home from work.

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