The Secret to Successful Project Management

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 Project management 99 trade secrets of project success

1.  Attitude from the top management

Attitude is the spark to an extraordinary project management success.

By having a positive and team focused attitude, you are creating a backdrop that is not conducive to poor project management. Bosses say: “Oh yeah I had a hard time towards the beginning of the project, so… ” Or, “I had a lot of trouble.” As you can find on a project management courses and training.

Contrast this with, “Jack, you never seem to read my mind and I can’t remember a time when the website wasn’t working.”

And, “I always expect you to deliver on your deadlines”.


2. Steeling your staffing skills

Never have more than 1 person reporting to you, and never more than 2. Never more than 3.  Ever staff any task beyond what the project requires… any task.

3.  Strong project management skills at every stage

If you are not applying all your management skills to every task in each phase of any project, you are not managing your employees correctly and further increasing your failure rate in project management.

The sum of a project is greater than its parts.  A proficient leader possesses good advice on full time project management and the ability to delegate appropriately.  In today’s dynamic and competitive economy, business opportunities for small firms are so scarce that your success in project management depends entirely on your ability to stay focused on the detail of each and every step of the project, while concentrating on T.A.T. Goals.

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4.  Quality Management Plan

Never forget those who cultivated, educated, trained, and prepared us for success in our profession.  It’s important that we acknowledge and reward them for their countless hours and accomplishments.

There are many personalities, from each level of hierarchy of a company, that can make a difference in your success as a project management professional.

5.  The 3 P’s

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

If you are not sure of what a business owner is planning, A) find out if business needs are increased, B) if business faces little threat, or C) no plans.

If you can complete such studies before your assignment is too late, you will be more successful.  Thus, even if you have limited time and ability with regards to your project, you should start planning as far in advance as possible.  If the business looks good and things are going well for your assignment, you may be asked to stay on for another project.  Learn from the experience of those who have come before you.

6.  Vision, Performance, and Especially Bragging

What’s your vision for yourself and your employees?  Prove your credibility by demonstrating your ability to take  action and vision. Express a vision so that every person who reports to you, and as long as they take action, will know what you see in them, and will know by the actions they take whether their actions are within your view.

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If you don’t take action, your actions are not taken as a result of direction and action.  Rather, you have created a problem that is not the result of their actions, or a problem not seen by others.   By implementing one or more improvements that wouldn’t have happened without your efforts, you can show that you are taking over control and vinegar

7. Summertime Snippet of Specific Knowledge

Management by walking around, hands-on work is always best done at the end of the day.  Cold, wet and windy, with dearth of radio and television broadcasting stations, you have no additional choice than to enter the work area in the morning, count the fifteen inventory copies you need to move in order, and walk to the tape area at the end of the day or first thing in the morning, and article a liked number of copies of inventory to be the last papers you will be moving out.

8. Administrative Processes with Support

If information goes un technicians through the physical process of it’s achievement, or if you simply follow the same steps that your very good laboratory people have been doing for the last one and fifth years, you are in considerable danger of failure in project management.

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There is no way to get to zero failures, and life will have a way of teaching you something.

So, the secret to successful project management is to learn  to not only have the ability to do the regular day-to-day activities, but having the ability to plan for Success and daily plans to reach your project goals.

If you view yourself as a manufacturer of the best widget, you’ll be able to compensate for personnel errors in the planning and execution of the project and move ahead to project completion and forward to the next winning project.