The Top Photo Editing Tools for Social Media Marketing


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If you use photos as part of your social media marketing campaign, then it is important to look at the different photo software editing programs out there as there isn’t actually one that works out the best in all situations. In fact, successful photo editing means something different in each case. 

Worth a Thousand Words 

Ever since the Egyptians first put their hieroglyphs onto stone, both images and words have been the stuff of human communication. And the arrival of social media seems to have caused a return to this older form of communication. Marketers know that online posts receive 94% more attention if they include an image, meaning they are often less inclined to use words than the Egyptians. 

Pinterest has forty million users, and Instagram has two hundred million, revealing the obvious truth that photos often count more than textual information. As a result, any marketing campaign that hopes to create an effective social media splash must be image savvy. Social media marketing strategists Engaged Media recommend that overly generic visuals can be even worse than low quality ones when trying to stand out online. Here then are five of the absolute best tools for avoiding that situation:


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Ideal for beginners, Canva is suitable for the first-time photo editor who finds the more complicated Photoshop too daunting to use. Despite being free, Canva allows you to design physical objects like posters, invitations, and cards as well as digital designs such as website graphics and presentations. To begin with, you either start with one of the many templates or with a blank canvas. Nevertheless, if you want to progress to a more professional standard then Canva also offers a design school.


That’s “visco”, to you (but it stands for Visual Supply Company). Hailed by some as the photographer’s Instagram, you will find an array of options for tweaking your photos here. Co-founder Greg Lutze argues that “the concept that a good photo is one that has lots of textures or colors is something we wanted to dispel”. As part of his efforts towards this dispelling is the software’s range of filters and grain settings, among other things. Equally beneficial to this goal is the ease with which photos are shared around social media. 

Snapseed Mobile

This company was founded in 2011 and with it the dream of making every photo extraordinary. If you are a photo editor and think your photos need more color, this is the one for you. Although one of its main attractions is the ease with which you can modify a photo with the help of autocorrect, it is just as possible to modify the color and brightness of an image.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

This app is free because it is for beginner designers. Photos can be corrected by the removal of blemishes, fog, and haze while you can also crop, rectify, and add frames and borders as well. There is also an option for importing RAW photos, and the user can even modify faces. Another advantage is the ease with which the images can be shared on social media, and even altered within those apps.


We have been face-tuning since 2013, and its main function is as a means of improving portraits. This includes teeth-whitening, red eye adjustment, grey hair eraser, and spot deleter. Its appeal also extends to correcting distorted photos and even modifying facial expressions. 

Perhaps a better strategy to picking one for your marketing needs is using a combination of these programs. There is no denying that the photo editor has more power at their fingertips than ever before.