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Tips For Writers & Bloggers To Increase Productivity During Creative Work

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If you are someone who is working in the creative field such as photography, graphic design, video production, writing or something of that sort, it requires a different sort of motivation. We have all heard of writer’s block. In every creative work, there is element of rechecking the content again and again. You are constantly working with drafts. You are required to make changes as required. It takes time. It can take time. And it may feel exhausting at times, especially when you have deadlines so close. However, don’t worry. There are a few tips that you can use to make your creative work experience if not easier than at least a little bit relaxing. Remember that these are just some suggestions and may or may not work for you. But that is the beauty of working in the creative industry. Try and test these out and see if you can come up with some tips yourself, custom made only for you!

Write for fun

This goes for any and all writers. Write beyond what is required for you. You should be able to write in your free time on topics of your choice. This is a great practice for anyone who not only wants to improve their writing but also take a break regular work that you are paid to do. The words you write must not have any grammar mistakes.

Set up your desk

You could be a freelance content writer or you may be working at an office job, it does not matter. Either way, you must have a desk. And by desk, it means wherever you spend most of your time working. Customize that space. Own it. Make it colorful. Adding colors is one of the best ways to keep your creative genius fed. When you have a place that is all dull and dusty, it does not serve as a motivation. When your desk becomes associated with empowerment and fun, you will enjoy working much better. Associate work with good vibes. You can get some posters printed. Make a penholder for yourself from scratch.

Learn to take a break

In creative jobs, often times the whole task is to come back to a piece of work and edit it from the eyes of a reader. This means that you need to throw all the thoughts you had on your mind while you were creating that content away. For this, you will need to take breaks. But this does not mean that you become a lazy ass. Limiting the number of breaks you take and what you do during those breaks can serve as the best technique. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Whatever restarts your brain, go for it. Also, there are a lot of times when you are proofreading your own content, for this it is best recommended that you wait for a couple of days or at least sleep over it once. You will find yourself at a much better position to work.

Learn to meet deadlines

Let us face it, who we are kidding, we are not good with deadlines. However, that is just an excuse. We have a deadline with whatever agency or company we are working with, of course. But you can also set your own deadlines. This means that you can divide your work in 3 portions or more, depending on the length. Then, you should be able to set a time limit in which you have to finish each piece of work. Once you learn to stick to deadlines, the addiction is real. Reverting back seems difficult because with the right amount of motivation, you can do it all!

Change locations

This is something that a lot of people in the creative industry recommend. If staying at your desk works out for you, then it is great. But if you find yourself sitting confused in your seat and you have no idea how to go forward, you can try changing locations. Go for a walk. Sit at a coffee shop and work. You can go to McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts or whatever feels like the place for you. Try to find a library where you can go once or twice a week to get work done. Or perhaps not that far, you can simply change rooms at home.

Expand your horizons

Your creative job depends on so much than your linguistic capabilities. Whatever you are doing on a daily basis make up for your experience. The more you have experienced in life, the better you are able to think creatively and do well at your job. You can try the physical activities like sports, swimming and more. You could read a book. You can watch a movie and what not. Listen to music. Try a new restaurant perhaps. It should be a nice way to spend your free time and also improve your creative capabilities.

Challenge yourself

Sometimes it is the best to test your limits. It does not have to be in the arena of writing always. You can take your life’s longest walk or hike. Try to run more than 3kms. By being able to do more, you should be able to not only feel productive but also gain a new confidence in your life. And when you are such a state of mind, you are able to do much better at everything. Think of motivation as a cyclic process. You won’t be motivated unless you work for it. The more you work, the more you would want to work. The more you feel productive, the more you would want to feel productive. The more you achieve, the more you would want to achieve in life.

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