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Five Free Medical Apps For Android in USA

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Ever wondered what is the reason behind the common cold? What is the remedy for a headache? Numerous such basic questions arise in the mind of people when it comes to the personal well being and health. In this modern era of healthcare, the smartphone has proved to be a boon for many people. Smartphones today have become capable to instruct as well as guide people in their day to day life. On the internet, there are thousands of Android application which are quite beneficial in providing ample information about the diseases, remedies and even helps people get the best treatment possible. Some of the best and popular medical applications for the Android platform in the USA.

Here are Five Free Medical Apps For Android in the USA

  • Epocrates +

Epocrates + is a beneficial application specially designed for the healthcare professionals of USA. It helps people to identify and review medicine before prescribing as well as consuming. It helps to provide a lot of useful information about thousands of OTC and drug brands. The drug information basically includes significant details like FDA and DEA clinical approval of medicines for pediatric and adult dosing. Epocrates plus also provides black box warning, safety dosage parameters and numerous other body metabolic mechanisms like excretion, side effects etc. Epocrates plus is known for its attractive marketing techniques, hence this application comes up with attractive features for doctors and students by facilitating them with discount offers at special group rates.

Pill identifier pro and drug info is an amazing application developed by Mobilicks for the people of USA. This Android application is very commodious for different medical purposes. The pill identifier tool present within the application helps assist users to identify a certain type of medicine or pill based on its color, structure, brand, composition, as well as the imprint. After identifying the anonymous pill, this application provides all the useful and necessary information about the medicine and also provides its purposes and uses. Through this application, users can quickly calculate body mass index rate (BMI), pulse rate, heartbeat status. People in the USA can even locate out the nearest clinic, pharmacy, cafe, dentist and hospital with the help of the GPS enabled map.

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  • Lybrate

This useful application helps people to consult a doctor nearby. One can find variety o specialists like cardiologist, urologist, dentist etc. This application is widely used by people of USA as it comes up with a few free trial offers and promo codes too. This application is best known for its support and service all over the are and is quite user-friendly. The Lybrate application has got an amazing user-friendly interface so that people of any age group can seek out for medical advice from the healthcare professionals.


  • Disease info application

This platform facilitates the users with the information of new researches and discoveries related to the sector of healthcare. This Android portal is quite useful for smartphones as it handy and provides a detailed analysis of the diseases, new researches, and remedies. This application is very suitable for medical students of USA and even common people as it helps people gain knowledge about numerous rare diseases. Moreover, Disease info application does not require any irritating signup or other in-app purchases. It also helps people locate the nearby clinics and provide a detailed description about the doctors, location and the different types of treatments and facilities available there.

  • Micromedex –

Micromedex is quite famous application commonly used by common people and pharmaceuticals in the USA. This application is commonly used for the reference of drug dosage instructions. One can easily find the name of a particular disease, medicine or pill with the help of Micromedex application easily. This application is free of cost but the premium service cost around $3. The paid service facilitates users with live chatting and support from the local doctors. Many people sometimes become bewildered about the dosage and prescription of the medicine. Micromedex facilitates the people to search the efficient use of the medicine.

The above-mentioned application is widely used by the people and healthcare professionals of USA. These applications are generally free of cost for Android smartphones.


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