Top 10 Call Center Software in 2020

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Call Center software automates the process of receiving and responding to customers’ phone calls. It helps in standardizing the communication with potential customers. Call center outsourcing in the Philippines balances the use of these software to support their customers to maintain a personal connection.
Selecting the right communication solutions is very important for a business. There are many different kinds of call center solutions available in the market. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose the most suitable one. So, here is the list of top 10 call center software. Go through the details and choose the best suitable one for you. 

1. Talkdesk

This call center software is exclusively for enterprise teams. It helps to manage phone support quickly and easily. Talkdesk is the most relevant choice to deliver a consistent user experience. This software offers cloud solutions. Also, it offers simple CRM integrations and settings configurations. 
Talkdesk’s Service Features Includes;
Intelligent routing
Call recording and monitoring
Automated workflow
Workforce management
Granular reporting
Omnichannel support
Benefits of Talkdesk’s contact center software
It is simple to use. The user interface is easy to understand. So, it is a preferred choice to manage a large volume call in an enterprise-level company. It provides distinct benefits such as;
Simpler extensibility
Improves productivity
Easy navigation into the system
improves customer call experience
optimal security
The call center software solution from this IT company is helpful in many ways. Understand what they are offering, and match it with your business needs. 

2. RingCentral

It is one of the top business communication platforms across the globe. RingCentral provides one unique feature “ring out”. It enables calling from a computer with an internet connection and any phone. This solution provider has 400,000+ customers and partners globally.
RingCentral address specific needs of a business such as
All-in-one solution
Remote work facility
Cloud phone system
Global expansion
Remote customer service
Team messaging
Intuitive integration, and many more
With this need, it is easier to identify the right contact center solution for business. Besides, the advantages of using this call center software include;
Remote meeting with high-quality video/audio call
The latest technology that supports all devices
Easy to use and manage
Offers 99.99% uptime
Secure business communication
Go through the key details about RingCentral and identify if it fits the requirements you are looking for. 


This solution provider offers a virtual phone system. It is capable to connect anywhere from the world. Approximately 2,500+ call centers and phone systems use CloudTalk. The company believes in delivering the best customer experience through smart call center software. 
Key features of CloudTalk;
Call queuing
Toll-free numbers
Number porting
Internal calls or extension
Fax to email
SMS / Text messages
International numbers
Short numbers, etc.
Moreover, the benefits of CloudTalk include;
real-time report generation to measure agents’ progress
simple user interface so everyone can operate the system without difficulty
Automatic tracking and recording calls
Leverage remote work and offer flexibility to employees
CloudTalk also supports omnichannel call center experience. This helps in delivering uninterrupted communication. Customers admire its high-quality services after a sale. 

4. Call Hippo

It is easy to use and operate the phone system. Recently, Call Hippo was rated as the best business phone system by It offers call center solutions for small businesses and enterprises. With its distinct features, it sustains competition. 
Key features of Call Hippo
Call routing
Call analytics
It offers reliable, secure software solutions for all types of call centers. The key advantages of this software incorporate;
High-quality calls
Post-purchase services
Technical support
Customization as per the business requirements

5. HoduSoft

This company aims to facilitate communication and increase revenue. With its social media customer service software, you can communicate with customers via various social channels. It is the best suitable software for all types of businesses, be it a startup or an enterprise. 
HoduSoft offers a variety of features that includes;
Predictive dialler 
Skill-based mapping 
Web RTC phone 
Auto dialler 
Single-tenant and multi-tenant support 
Real-time Analytics 
Multilingual support 
Dashboard management 
Call disposition details 
Answering machine detection 
Time based inbound call routing 
Apart from the key features this organization also offers add on features as per the requirement you can choose agent survey, a detailed quality analysis report, or SMS broadcasting system. 

 Why choose HoduSoft for omnichannel contact center software solutions? 
1000 + concurrent calls 
Attractive UI & UX 
Product customization 
Robust and Secure system 
Easy and simple deployment services 
Improve efficiency
So, if you want to facilitate business communication and boost ROI, HoduSoft is for you. Go through the details and choose the software to enhance the customer call experience. 


This contact center software that runs in web browsers. It proposes a modern solution to improve the customer experience and efficiency of the administrators. Dixa claims to save up to 20% of every agent’s efficiency. It is also easy to connect with various channels through this software 
Features of Dixa contact center software include;
IVR – Interactive Voice Response 
Omnichannel support 
Contextual routing with external data 
Automatic skill-based routing 
Call queuing 
Toll-free numbers outgoing 
Caller ID
Premium phone numbers and many more 
This solution comes with three categories; professional, premium, and Platinum. It depends on the need for your business to choose the right option to empower business communication. 
Why Choose Dixa?
Efficient call routing facility – route right calls to the right agent 
Simple customization process
Easy integration with the existing system
Prioritize customers’ queries
Use customer data for more rewarding conversations

7. Zendesk

Zendesk offers contact center solutions for all types of businesses. It helps to improve customer communication across every channel. The ultimate solution of this company allows customization as other businesses require. 
The cloud-based software offers many features such as 
A local or toll-free number 
Inbound and Outbound calling 
Unlimited concurrent calls 
Customize greetings 
Automatic ticket generation 
Conferencing call 
Call blocking caller ID in history 
Browser-based support 
Up-to-date IVR system 
Apart from the high-quality features it also presents many advantages.
It is easy to integrate with the existing system in your business 
It also supports more than 70 telephone applications to promote business communication
It is easy to offer personalized support with Zendesk call center solutions
In short, this call center software solution aims to deliver excellent customer services. The ticketing system helps to solve customers’ queries quickly. 

8. Bitrix24

This Call Centre software helps in organizing customer interactions. Simple process to store data. With the tracking to expand business growth. it offers cloud or self-hosted Call Center software solutions. 
The features of this call center software include; 
Inbound phone calls 
Automatic dallier 
Call log and reports 
Mobile app integration 
CRM support 
Voicemail call transfer 
Call forwarding 
Employee extensions 
Unlimited lines per number 
Local phone numbers for US and UK 
Besides, agents can create personalized invoices for clients. Just add client information and generate an email copy of an invoice. The software allows easy management of client interactions. It is also simpler to capture and store lead data, and fetch reports. Bitrix24 supports a wide range of operating systems.
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows Vista 
Windows XP, 
Mac OS
Web browser (OS agnostic)
Windows 2000,
Windows 10

9. Virtual Contact Center by 8×8 Software

 It is a cloud-based call center solution for SMEs. mall to midsized businesses. Virtual Contact Center by 8×8 Software offers a seamless connection between agents and customers. It is one of the most affordable call center software solutions. 
Virtual Contact Center by 8×8 Software offers a wide range of functionality such as voicemail, email, web callback, web chat, and more. Other features include;
IVR -Interactive Voice Response
Call recording 
Call monitoring
Skill-based mapping
Call Routing, and many more.
This software solution offers many advantages for the company. Here is the list of benefits it provides;
Omnichannel experience 
Remote work capability 
Personalized engagement 
Flexible deployment services 
Business continuity with disaster recovery 
Most accurate forecasting and flexibility in scheduling
So, if you are looking for a virtual call center, this software solution is a good one to select. 

10. Qubicles

This company provides straightforward contact center solutions. It helps in improving the productivity and efficiencies of agents. 
Here is the list of key features; 
Outbound and blended campaigns 
Interactive voice response 
Drag and drop scripting 
Call recording 
Inbound email routing 
Skill-based routing 
Queue notifications 
Indicate estimated wait time 
Caller ID 
This call centre software offers simple and easy to use the operating system. This contact center software solution offers many important interests such as 
Real-time analytics and reports 
Training and development opportunities integrated contact center software 
Standardize call Management process 
Expandable visibility across all platforms
Understand what each software solution is offering. Identify your main objectives to select the software. Then make a final decision. Also, carefully analyze the features and functionality each contact center is proposing. So choose the best contact centers of their best matches with your requirement but thoroughly go through the offering and service the company provides. You should not only look for the services the company offers but also make sure the company offers post-deployment services. After purchase, you may require technical support, so choose the company is offering 24/7 tech support.