Top 10 Video Downloading Apps for Android to watch out for 2021

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Everyone loves to watch videos, and there are some favourite clips that users want to watch over again and again. However, it can be unpleasant sometimes when the Internet connection is slow, or you don’t have any access to the web. Here, there is a need for some platform that can help you to download videos so that they can be enjoyed anytime even when you are offline.

So, how to download videos to enjoy them offline? Well, you need an external app to fulfil this objective. If you are using an android phone, there are plenty of apps that can help you out. Many mobile manufacturers have launched their apps, as well. You should consider the most reliable options from the best android app development company in India.

Let us make things a little easier for you. After a lot of research, we have prepared a list of the top 10 video downloading apps for android smartphones to look out for 2021. All of them can be downloaded and used FREE. They are designed by the best android app developers in India. So, check out their features now and choose your favorite one right away.

  1. AVD Downloader of Android

It is one of the best video downloaders for android phones that is used by millions of people worldwide. It is easy to use a platform where URLs can be loaded instantly, and it is very fast too. Here is the process of how it works.

  • In the first step, search your favorite video and click its URL link.
  • It will show a MENU bar, choose the AVD as the downloader, and save the video.
  • It will be added to your device within seconds and you can watch it later.
  • It is available with the FLASH Video Support as well.

The major highlights of the tool are one-click download and FLASH video support.

  1. VIDEODER Downloader for Android

It is an incredible option to download shared videos from the internet. The download process can be completed in two steps using the VIDEODER download tool.

 Use Videoder app to download the best video content

Let us see in simple work how this tool works:

  • In the first step, you have to look for your favourite video and select the desired clip.
  • It will display all the necessary details, including resolutions, quality, and the download link.
  • As per your requirements, you may save the videos to your device by availing of different settings like quality resolution, night-mode, themes, etc.

The best part about the tool is that you can start downloading from the same point where you left the last. So, there is a “Resume Video” option that saves your time in case of network issues or connection failure in between.

Note: This app is not available on Google Play Store, but it’s official site can use it. The basic version of the app is FREE. If you need premium services, then you need to pay a little bit for it. The app contains Ads, but you can remove them if you are interested in watching those ads.

  1. FVD for Android

It is a free video downloader for android that allows you to download or SAVE almost any video clip to your android phone. It is designed by the best android app development company in India, having an array of features and functionalities. The app opens a browser that looks similar to any other standard browser like Chrome or IE. 

Here, you can search your favourite videos, and when you click it, one pop-up box will open. Using that option, you could save the VIDEO to your phone and use it later when you want to watch it. I must say that the user interface is a little complex and helps to download videos quickly in any format or size. 

  1. Download Manager for Android

It is a tool that can be used to download videos of any format to your device within seconds. It is integrated with a customized web browser and relatively easy to use and navigate.

As soon as you open the browser, it will take you to the page where you will find links to other websites, videos, clips, etc. You have to select the desired video and start downloading on to your device.

The best part of the tool is that it will automatically capture the URL when you select the video and start downloading it with minimal effort. It is swift and suitable for both smartphone users and tablet users.

  1. YouTube GO Downloader for Android

It is a lightweight android application from Google that is specially designed to work with low-performance smartphones. 

  • It is a fast and Legal platform that is intended to give extra satisfaction to customers. 
  • It will add a download button to videos and you can save them to your device with a single click. 
  • It has an interactive user-interface and is easy to use by everyone whether he is a technical guy or not. 
  • It helps you to share videos without any internet connection but it is not applicable to Instagram, or Facebook, apps.
  • You can download this app from the Play Store for Free and use it at your convenience. 
  1. TubeMate Downloader for Android

If you are a YouTube lover, then you must have this app on your phone. It may not allow other features, but it is considered a fantastic option to download YouTube videos. The app has an elegant interface, and anyone with little assistance can use it. It has an in-built browser that helps to search your favourite videos and download the same to your device.

The app gives you an option to choose the resolution quality and the size of the video. Upon the selection, you can download the selected video to your phone. You can download videos in MP3 format tool that saves storage space. Overall, it is again one of the best options to consider and designed by expert android app developers in India.

Let us see the download process of the app in a few simple steps:

  • Open the app and go to the integrated browser to search for your favourite app.
  • As soon as you find the desired option, choose the quality and size of the file.
  • On the selection of required details, tap the download button, and SAVE the video to your phone.

The best part is that the application downloads all the files on the SD card of your Android phone and you can use it with other devices too. This is the reason why this application is so popular on the Google Play Store with millions of downloads and eye-opening ratings.

  1. Media Clip Pro Video Downloader

It is another popular app in the list that helps to download videos onto your device. It has an easy interface that lets you download videos in no time. To use this application, you must first access the video and its URL, now click the download button and save the video on your phone. The application allows two options, either you can save the video on your phone, or you can watch it on the app itself.

  1. KeepVid

It is an excellent video downloading an app that helps you to download video clips from different platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and more. On the home page, you can see links to different websites to choose the video. In this way, you will get a sound idea of supported platforms and make your work easier.

You have the flexibility to choose video quality. For example, if there is some video available in 720 pixels, then you can reduce its resolution to save space and download time too. You can even select a video clip with subtitles.

  1. Easy Video Downloader:

It is again one of the best video downloaders to SAVE videos on your device. The interface is quite simple to use, but you need a compatible browser to work with it.

 On the successful completion of the browser download, you may use it to search for your favourite video and download it for future use. It also pop-up a share option where you are allowed to share videos from different platforms to your colleagues and dear ones.

  1. MIRMAY Downloader and Private Browser
  • It is a multi-purpose app that helps you to watch and download videos on your mobile phones. The interface of the application is easy to use and learn. 
  • Also, the app works well to download your favourite videos within a matter of minutes. 
  • The application has a file security mechanism where you can add the password to downloaded videos and keep them SAFE.

So, these are the best apps for downloading videos on your Android devices. I hope this list helps you find the right Android downloader app to save your favourite videos. If you need any customized solutions, then Hire the best android developers with the best android app development company in India to get the things for you.

Happy Viewing!