TOP 3 free CRM systems for small businesses

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A free CRM system is a sampler for companies choosing an effective tool for themselves. We offer an overview: free CRM for small businesses. Let’s consider what opportunities these CRMs offer for free, whether it is advisable to switch to full functionality, and what advantages and disadvantages CRM has for the sales department.

Bitrix24 CRM

Universal free CRM for small businesses. It allows you to build sales funnels, manage personnel, conduct video conferences, communicate on an internal social network, and organize joint work on projects. This is a multifunctional CRM system and a corporate intranet in one product. Suitable for automating processes in an agency, manufacturing plant, or eCommerce.


● More complete CRM functionality on a free plan, compared to other systems. Free CRM does not include only analytics and reports, automation of email and SMS mailings, and end-to-end analytics.

● Multifunctional system. It is suitable both for managing the sales department and for controlling all business processes of the enterprise. Modules are customized for specific business tasks.

● It is convenient to communicate with employees and clients within the portal, without using external social networks. Video calls, commenting, likes, creating news, polls, and notifications are available.

● Thanks to the integration with SendPulse, automatic synchronization of address book data works for efficient management of email campaigns. 

Keepin CRM

Simple free CRM for small businesses. It features minimalism, intuitive navigation within the system, and a full set of functions for managing clients. Customizable for the goals of entrepreneurs, relevant for the sale of goods and services.

The full functionality of the system is open to two users for free. Connection of each next employee – from 11$ for three months of subscription.


● The actions of managers at the task, project, or client level are recorded in the activity log for full control over the work of the department.

● Visualization of results in the form of a funnel. It is convenient to track the conversion to actual transactions and make decisions based on sales statistics.

● Allows you to manage the sales of goods, unlike most CRM systems that are focused only on the provision of services. Helps to control logistics, and create accounting documents.

● Thanks to the connected IP telephony, the system collects data on all calls of managers.

Zoho CRM

CRM for small businesses with modern Ajax tools. Advanced functionality for sales management. Integrates with other Zoho services (spreadsheets in particular). There are also built-in means of integration with the company’s website. 


One of the most popular systems for small businesses in the world has released the biggest update in its history. It has a marketplace of add-ons, a new email client, a feed of customer activity on the website and in social networks, and integration with calendars. As a reminder, Zoho CRM provides a free version for up to 10 users.


Based on the features and advantages of each system, the top 3 free CRM systems for small businesses are Bitrix24 CRM, KeepinCRM, and Zoho CRM.

Bitrix24 is a multifunctional CRM system with more complete functionality than other systems, suitable for managing sales departments and controlling business processes.

KeepinCRM is a simple and intuitive CRM system that allows for full control over the work of the sales department, manages sales of goods, and integrates IP telephony for data collection.

Zoho CRM is a popular system with advanced functionality for sales management, integration with other Zoho services and the company’s website, and a marketplace of add-ons.

All three systems offer free versions with varying levels of functionality and are suitable for small businesses.