Top Marketing Calendar Tools for Small Businesses to Boost Productivity 

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Are you running a business and finding it difficult to manage various business-related tasks?  If so, you need effective marketing calendar tools for small businesses. These marketing calendar tools can be a valuable add-on for businesses that can ease your business handling processes and enable you to manage various tasks, projects, deadlines, and teams effortlessly.

Are you wondering which tools you can use for your business? Read the guide until the end to find the answer to your query. In this guide, we’ll cover various feature-rich marketing calendar tools for small businesses that are efficient and can help marketers streamline their business tasks, allowing them to grow and succeed.  

So, without much ado, let’s get started! 

Why do small businesses need marketing calendar tools? 

Having a beautiful and optimized website and reliable and fast web hosting is not enough for business. They need to work hard consistently in order to survive in this competitive world. As a result, business must be well organized and optimized to grow and succeed. 

Managing plenty of business tasks at a time single-handedly can be difficult and might lead to errors and problems that can hamper a business’s reputation.  

Marketing calendar tools for small businesses can ease your management processes and help you schedule and organize plenty of tasks, projects, and deadlines effectively, easing your workload and boosting your productivity.  

In addition, you can also distribute and assign tasks to your team members, collaborate with them easily, and guide them in the right direction to get the most out of your corporation.  

In addition, the marketing calendar tools can help you prevent confusion by eliminating messy spreadsheets, project gaps and inconsistencies, and poor team interactions.  

Therefore, businesses must utilize effective marketing calendar tools to improve their management, keeping everything on the same page and ultimately enhancing business productivity. This allows businesses to grow and succeed faster without interruption. 

What to look for in marketing calendar tools for small businesses? 

There are numerous marketing calendar tools and software available in the market that can help businesses boost their productivity and help them grow and succeed. However, choosing the most valuable and productive tool from a vast pool can be a challenging task, especially if you are a beginner. 

Don’t worry. To ease your process and help you choose the best tool, we’ve covered various features that you can consider while selecting the best tool for your business.  

Ease of use: Check whether the tool comes with an intuitive interface. This is because, in order to ease your management process, it’s important to use a user-friendly tool.  

Pricing: Next, determine the pricing of the tool. Check whether the tool is free to use or requires you to spend a big amount. Also, keep in mind that free things are not necessarily of poor quality, and costly things are not necessarily of high quality.  

Customizability: Check whether the tool is customizable or not. The marketing calendar tool must be flexible and allow you to customize the settings as per your business needs. Customization features can ease your business handling. 

Integration capability: The next thing you must consider in your tool is its integration capabilities. Check whether the tool is compatible and can easily integrate with other business tools. This will help you prevent compatibility issues and manage your business trouble-free.  

Features: Last but not least, ensure to check out the features offered by the tool. This will help you determine whether the tool is suitable for your business or not. Usually, the marketing calendar tools for small businesses must include planning, monitoring, and collaborating features. These can ease your task and project handling, monitor performance, and help you easily collaborate with your team to enhance business productivity.  

Best marketing calendar tools for small businesses 

1. Asana 

The first tool on our marketing calendar tools list is Asana. It’s a featureful tool, and the best part is its pricing. The Asana tool is entirely free to use and allows marketers to easily test its features. The tool is user-friendly and comes with an intuitive interface that lets marketers, even beginners, easily use the tool and make the best out of it. You can easily schedule and organize your tasks and then simply check the box when you are done. This will help you prevent messing up the tasks and allow you to smoothen your process. You can also organize your long-term projects with Asana. This will allow you to keep your tasks on the right track and prevent mistakes and major blunders that can hurt your business.  

In addition, you can organize your tasks in a list or a calendar mode and can switch the mode whenever you want. Asana also comes with an export feature that allows you to export your tasks from the tool to other tools or programs, such as Google Calendar.  

2. Trello 

The next effective tool on our list is Trello. It’s an interesting tool that comes with an attractive and distinct format. Trello is also free to use and can help businesses boost their productivity effectively. 

Breaking the normal ‘list-view’ format, the tool Trello offers a digital version of post-It. It allows you to schedule your tasks in a different manner. To schedule something, you can slap it on a card to create a reminder and then simply remove it after completing the task.  

In addition, Trello allows you to easily collaborate with your team members for projects and tasks and allows you to show the calendar attached to your note cards to your teammates. This allows each member to understand their duty for a particular project. Also, the members can remove the card once their task is completed.  

Trello is an interactive and effective tool that allows you to sync everything so that team members can collaborate in real time.  

3. CoSchedule 

CoSchedule is an intuitive and feature-rich marketing calendar tool for small businesses that can help them schedule multiple projects and tasks effectively. The tool is most effective for businesses that include many people. Spreadsheets can be frustrating at times if you have to assign tasks to numerous team members and assess their progress manually. CoSchedule allows businesses to boost their team collaboration as well as get rid of the need for messy spreadsheets. With one calendar, CoSchedule enables businesses to keep everyone and everything on the same page and helps them determine and understand their business plans effectively.  

In addition, Coschedule is easy to integrate with other tools, allowing you to easily use and switch between the tools and manage everything effectively. 

You can get CoSchedule for just $20/month and can also integrate it with your WordPress site easily.  

4. Wrike 

Wrike is another effective work management tool in our list that helps businesses collaborate with their teams effortlessly and work by assigning tasks and duties. It’s a valuable tool that’s more than just a marketing and management tool. It allows businesses to organize and collaborate on marketing campaigns. In addition, it comes with various project management styles that you can choose per your choice. You can use Wrike to beautifully customize your workflow and can monitor your team’s activities from a single place. 

The tool Wrike comes with a free plan which is limited to five users and offers you basic functionalities such as easy task management, file sharing, real-time activity monitoring, 2 GB storage space, and cloud storage integrations.  

Its paid plan starts at $9.80 per user per month, which is limited to up to 15 users. The paid plan offers you advanced integrations, shareable dashboards, Gantt charts, collaborators, and up to 5 GB of storage space.  

Wrike is a great option that can help you automate your business operations and help improve its productivity.  

5. is one of our favorite marketing calendar tools for small businesses as well as larger ones. If you are ready to make a profitable investment, can be a worthy tool. It’s a paid tool whose basic plan starts at $ 10 per seat/month, the standard costs $15 per seat/month, and pro plans cost $20 per seat/month. It also offers a 14-day free trial to marketers to test its services.  

It offers businesses various workflow management features such as project and task management, marketing, CRM and sales, creative and design, and more that can help businesses manage various tasks effectively and easily from one place.  

It can help you collaborate with your team by creating boards (customizable tables) and monitor your data using various formats and ways such as charts, graphs, kanban, etc. You can also use its pre-made templates to ease your process.  

Using, you can automate your processes, speed up your workflow, analyze your business data in real-time, and discover what’s working and what’s not to optimize and streamline your processes timely and boost your productivity effectively.  

Final thoughts 

There are plenty of marketing calendar tools for small businesses which you can utilize for your business. However, what matters the most is the features, pricing, compatibility, integration, and ease of use. Here, we’ve covered the best five effective and feature-rich marketing calendar tools to assist you in choosing the best one for your business. Determine your business needs and assess which tools best meet your business needs. Hope this guide has helped you determine a valuable tool for your business that can help you improve your business management and coordination and allow your business to advance steadily.