Top 5 Advanced Gadgets for the Safety of Elderly People At Home

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Today, life is impossible to imagine without gadgets. Thanks to rapid technological advancement, we’ve plenty of devices and gadgets around us for daily use. 

However, besides possessing a laptop, a smartphone, and a few essential home appliances, most people don’t research other essential gadgets that could be indispensable during emergencies.

Especially when you’re living with elderly people, these gadgets can help you stay stress-free and relaxed. 

If you are wondering how these gadgets can help your elderly loved ones, read here to know more:

Essential Gadgets And Devices That Should Be At Your Home

Motion Sensor Lights

You’d be surprised to know that most of the accidental slips and falls take place in dark places or in the absence of light. According to an estimated report, over 36 million older adults report accidental falls every year. Out of these, over 32,000 people die because of serious injuries. 

Though you can’t prevent accidents and mishaps, you can keep your elderly loved ones safe by using safety motion sensor lights. If you haven’t done so, you should install these lights at your home. 

Ideally, you should get these lights installed throughout your home so that these lights can automatically turn on whenever someone enters a room, lavatory, or kitchen.

Wall-mounted Key Safe

You should install a classic wall-mounted key safe near your entry door to keep all your essential documents and other stuff, including keys, in it. Also, called key boxes, these safes can come in handy when you lose your keys. These electronic safes are also useful for breaking open the door in case your loved ones or elderly patients are stuck inside the house during the case of an accidental short circuit or fire emergency.

Install an Emergency Alarm System 

In the case of a burglary or robbery at your home, the emergency alarm system can play a key role in ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones. 

When elderly people are at home all alone during office hours, you shouldn’t miss out on getting personal alarms for the elderly installed. You can install the personal alarm system on your elderly loved one’s bracelet, necklace, shoe, or belt clip.

The alarm system can act as a deterrent as intruders know they will get caught as soon as the emergency alarm starts ringing. Also, when an elderly person accidentally falls down or starts feeling cold, anxious, or passing out, it automatically starts dialing the list of persons’ contact numbers stored in it. 

If no one receives the call, it repeats the process until someone receives it and reaches out to the elderly person to help them. 

Use Smart Doorbell 

Instead of installing a normal doorbell, you should go for a smart one. As soon as your home becomes smart doorbell compliant, it becomes easier for aged people to communicate through the intercom with the person outside the door.

For example, when a stranger knocks on the door and presses the doorbell, elderly people can directly ask who’s coming using their intercom. 

If they hear an unfamiliar voice, they can immediately disconnect the intercom and call Police or inform their children or neighbors about the same for help and assistance.

Take Help from Automatic Pill Dispenser

If your doctor has prescribed some medicines for your loved one, you must ensure that they take them in their appropriate dosage at the appropriate time. 

Unfortunately, many elderly patients forget to take their medicines on time. But it can be detrimental to their health. That’s when an automatic pill dispenser can help. 

An automatic pill dispenser dispenses all necessary pills and tablets at a pre-recorded time. Then, based on the doctor’s advice or prescription, you only need to feed the machine about time slots for each tablet or pill. 

If your elderly loved one has to consume three or more tablets per day, buying an automatic pill dispenser can be brilliant. It alerts the patient as their time for consuming a particular pill sets in. 

In Conclusion   

You can miss out on other costly and advanced IT gadgets, but you shouldn’t miss out on these gadgets because of their indispensable nature. These devices take care of your elderly loved ones and make them feel safe 24*7.

Some other common gadgets that must be at your home for your elderly loved ones are a BP tracking machine, a Blood glucose tracker, a hearing aid, and others as per the advice of the medical healthcare practitioner who looks after your loved one.