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Top 5 Best Android Apps for Mobile Tracking

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The use of spying and tracking tools has increased over time. A recent report by Forbes showed that how Britain are using the latest technology and monitoring tools for spying. Most of the them deploy these tools to track their children whereas many are using them to keep eyes on the employees and partners as well. In future, it is also predicted the use and employment of these apps and software will increase.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Tracking App

For many users, parents, employers and partners, the biggest problem is to find the best and a reliable android spy app for tracking and monitoring purposes. There are many apps and software that claim to work as spy apps but they turn out to be fake. The users are charged and the apps can do nothing. So we have created this guide to help out users when it comes to choosing an android app for mobile tracking. Consider the following factors.

Features of the App

The first thing to check is the features. Not all apps have the same features and quality of their working. You should compare different apps and see which one has the best features. Now compare those features with what you need. A good spy app should have call and messaging tracking, location tracking, internet monitoring, social media spying as well as multimedia tracking features.

Compatibility of the App

Compatibility refers to which devices and phones are compatible with the app. It also includes the operating system. Make sure the app you are choosing works with all the latest and different operating systems. For android users, it should support the latest Android OS.

Price and Plans

Now coming to the price and plans of the spy apps, you have to be careful in this regard. Most of the spy app offer trial so you should avail that. If any apps are not offering trial, leave it and move to the next one. During trial, check how good, efficient and quick the app is. What features are best and what features are not working? Such things should be checked before deciding any final app.

The functionality of the App

While you check the app during trials, see how efficient the app is. The functionality means how supportive the app is when it comes to using it for tracking any device. It should not have glitches nor it should stop working when there is an emergency. The interface of the app is also important to consider and is a part of its functionality. We hope these tips will help you choose the best spy app for your android tracking and monitoring purpose.

Best Android Spy Apps for Mobile Tracking

Here is the list of the best android spy apps for mobile monitoring.

BlurSPY App

  1. Compatible with all android devices as well as iPhone
  2. Offers a lot of useful features
  3. Call tracking, checking messages, location tracking, social media monitoring and other features included
  4. Works in the background and maintains privacy
  5. Very affordable and cheaper than other apps


  1. Works fine with all android operating systems
  2. Good for parents as well as employers and partners
  3. Offers many useful features needed for spying on phones
  4. Ensures secrecy when it is working
  5. Affordable and cheaper plans when compared with other apps

MobiStealth App

  1. One of the oldest spy apps for android phones
  2. Compatible with android and iPhone
  3. Comes with a good number of useful and essential features
  4. One of the best and top rated android spy apps
  5. Works in the background for secrecy

CoCospy App

  1. Offers most of the latest and essential features
  2. Good for any platform and all latest operating systems
  3. Ensures privacy as it works in the background
  4. You will get a lot of features for call, messages and other purposes
  5. One of the oldest spy apps for android phones
  6. Different packages and plans with different features
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