Top Four Questions You Can Ask in your Restaurant Customer Feedback Form


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Restaurants will be able to thrive and increase sales when customers are satisfied. However, how can you determine if customers are satisfied or not in your restaurant business.

A customer feedback form enables you to identify and assess about how your customers feel about your services and the dishes you serve.

Your restaurant can deliver a customer feedback survey form using a digital restaurant menu QR code software.

The digital restaurant menu QR code software allows you to create your own set of questions regarding the services and dishes your business offers.

However, do you have any problems with curating a set of questions for your restaurant? This article is just right for you. We laid out different questions you can ask in your customer feedback form.

Ask a loose end question

Loose End questions are the type of questions you’d ask your respondents to give a comment. Their answers could be one sentence or so, as long as they have something to say about your services and food.

For instance, you can ask your restaurant patrons about the new medium of menu in your restaurant, like a QR code menu or digital menu, as a means of taking orders from customers without a staff beside.

Customers then can say something about their preferences to your interactive menu QR code and its functions in your restaurant business.

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Remember not to focus your customer feedback survey form to more loose end questions. You can just put up one or two loose end questions and allow customers to express their preferences.

Find the right timing for yes/no questions

Customer satisfaction surveys are not the best place for yes/no questions. However, you can choose the appropriate moment for your company to pose a yes-or-no inquiry.

Although yes/no questions may not provide you with an actionable data, they do let you decide how you would evaluate the context of your customer feedback survey form.

For instance, you may only inquire, “Is this your first time dining with us?

This question enables you to choose the best method for classifying the preferences of your consumers via feedback forms.

But inquiries like “Do you enjoy our poke bowls?” only restricts your clients’ true thoughts. This can be changed to read, “What kind of ingredients would you want to see on our interactive digital menu?”

These types of inquiries enable you to make a considered judgment of how you would respond to the survey forms.

Do not trap customers with biased questions

In surveys seeking client feedback, it is inappropriate to pose biased questions. You can only send inquiries with no objectives using this.

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Customers could feel pressured to provide various answers to awkward queries. As a result, you can exert pressure on your restaurant staff to respect the preferences of your clients.

It is appropriate to inquire about the expansion and success of your restaurant. Therefore, select the appropriate questions to include in your survey forms.

Only ask one question at a time

Avoid bombarding your customers with a series of questions in one item. Survey questions with three or more questions are asked in one item is not a good survey practice.

Keep your questions simple. Make sure to collect the real thoughts of your customers one idea at a time.


Be sure to keep your client feedback form short and basic. This enables you to get accurate and relevant client data.

Therefore, you can create strategic endeavors using the client input you have gathered. You’ll be able to provide your customers a sense of worth and appreciation by doing this.

Customers who feel appreciated and respected are more inclined to frequent your restaurant regularly. It enables you to increase sales and revenue for your business.