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We have entered a phase of the world where the workforce drives technology remotely. Companies are now adopting ways to reap maximum efficiency from a completely remote operative business model.

The freelance industry has recently seen a surge of projects and task-forces due to many mutual benefits. Forbes has reported a noticeable spike of the same in the US, and if the trend continues to be on the rise, it is estimated that more than 50% of the US workforce alone will freelanceby 2027.

One such industry that has propelled a growth possibility in the remote platform is customer support. This is a new untapped industry and Voiz is the first Indian company to resolve it. VOIZ is a phenomenal marketplace that offers remote CX talent. It connects businesses to freelance or remote workforce having experience in the call centre or BPO industry. This article entails some proven tips to get hired for customer experience roles, which help in driving sales and support leading to customer acquisition and retention.

How to Get Hired for Remote CX Jobs?

Are you looking for a career in Customer support and sales? We are here to help! Read on.

  1. Know the Pillars of Customer Support

There are three career growth options with customer support

  • Operations
  • People
  • Tech
  • Which in a nutshell can be explained as:
  • Operations: 

From planning the type of process, the individual process parameters like team size, type of channel, work hours and delivery models to managing, the operations department plays a key role. Generally, senior management handles this role.

  • People

The first level interaction happens between agents and customers. They represent the brand and assist the customers. The connection between the brand and the customers depends on these interactions. Poor satisfaction can lead to customer churn. Good CX agent’s resolution significantly increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • Tech

Tech is the backbone of any organisation. It includes both hardware and software in which the process and people are powered on. A good tech architecture improvises the performance of people and processes to offer a better customer experience.

  1. What Companies are Searching For?

Companies know the customers, the culture and the experience they would want to be provided. They look for a candidate who can aptly manage the workload. They seek the following virtues:

  • Expertise

The experience the candidate brings from their work tenure. Companies look for the type of companies the candidate has served. They want to see if the candidate has the potential to perform the company’s tasks.

  • Empathy

Companies also look at the candidate’s ability to understand people’s emotions. 

  1. Acquired Skills for Customer Support

There are a different set of skills companies examine in an applicant for customer support profile:

  • Communication Skills

For good customer support, the candidate is required to be fluent in both written and verbal communication. They should actively listen to the issues the customer is talking about and respond to them. They should also have a good understanding of customer behaviour.

  • Critical Thinking

The candidate must have the ability to think critically to address the issues the customer is unable to express. This added quality will guarantee success in the support role.

Bottom Line:

Great customer support will make a huge impact in customers’ lives and eventually build brand loyalty. The first step is to find a great workplace that will offer you ample opportunities to unleash your true potential. Why look elsewhere when you have the best option in hand.

If you are thinking of a career in customer support and telesales, Voiz is the great place to start!