Want To Become Famous On YouTube And Increase Your Views? Follow These Tips


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Youtube is a famous platform where people publicly share their videos to gain some fame or spread awareness. It is an open platform, and no restriction is made on the people who want to upload content. Different people upload different content types on YouTube like cooking, entertainment, informative, adult, and news; all such content goes as per Youtube’s rules and restrictions. The only way to get famous is through the views system of the youtube.

The functioning of youtube mainly depends on the views system, which means the Video is made available for the public, and it is as per the number of public who views the video and makes it viral. Viral is the new word of the social media dictionary; don’t worry. It doesn’t have any links with the fever, but it actually is used as when the video becomes famous too fast and spreads like a fire in audience.

Youtube is a platform that is greatly used as a business platform; many people choose youtube as their career option and make a significant amount from it. But how does Youtube pays to the people? Youtube pays to its content developer on the basis of views; when the video has reached a significant number of views and is from a business account, then youtube is liable to pay the legal amount as per their rules to the content developer.

So this is clear that increasing the number of views will help you to gain more and more money from youtube, which means a “more views more money” system.

But is it easy to get bundles of views?

Well, getting good views is not that easy task as it seems to be; people generally get inspired by some Youtubers who earn good money from their youtube business and try their luck in it. Many among them start creating some content and put it on youtube, but generally do not get the same amount of fame as that of a grown up YouTuber. This is because the YouTuber today was also a beginner yesterday, and the struggle to get up in the views is hard.

Different ways that people generally prefer to get Youtube views are either by creating quality content and promoting it or to buy youtube views.

Everyone who has done some efforts in creating content will try to make their video a viral 

sensation and try to get some views; if you are also one of them, read the following tips to help you make a good number of views on your video.

  • Descriptive and catchy keywords

The maximum part of the Youtube industry revolves around this golden rule only; people create content and put an informative description with catchy keywords. Catchy keywords are basically the words that are normally searched by the people who use youtube. For example, if you are willing to search for your favorite star’s upcoming movie, you will definitely right his or her name and search for the movie. To give you more clarity, if you are creating a youtube video on how to increase your youtube views, you will definitely use a catchy keyword like free youtube views or tell a way to buy, then you may use cheap youtube views. By this, you are delivering the content about how to increase your youtube views.

Keep in mind that you do not use unnecessary words that are not at all relevant to your video; if you do so, your video will not gain any popularity and may also get reported.

  • Use different tags

Youtube algorithms are the working software on which your video’s popularity can rely, the best way on which youtube makes its judgments is by reading the tags included in the video. Tags here doesn’t mean your shopping tags that include the price; in the field of social media, tags refer to the addons of the names to your video, just like the descriptions. Keep in mind to gain faster views, you will require to add tags and your video description and title, which will help the youtube algorithm relate your video from that of all others of your type.

  • Thumbnail image

Another important part of creating a full-proof youtube video is to put some catchy thumbnail image on the display. Thumbnail refers to the picture that you will see as the video’s layout that you search on youtube. Make your thumbnail so interactive that it leaves a sense of suspense in your video and also asks the person to watch it anyhow. Such types of videos with some super active thumbnail will help you to grow more views faster.

  • Captions and transcripts

The captions and transcripts of YouTube videos also play a vital role in making your videos viral. By adding transcripts to YouTube videos, your videos are likely to gain many more views over time. Captions and transcripts are the briefs of your video; it will quickly provide a highlight about what is going to happen ahead in the video and makes the content of the video clear to the views.

  • Buy some views

Another way of getting views is by buying them; this the most famous way of getting youtube views, and many of the people got famous through this method only. There are multiple sites that can provide you with youtube views and that too at some cheaper rates. Users can make use of this facility and gain more and more views as per the requirements. As a content creator on youtube and to get famous, easily buy youtube views cheap and gain more from the youtube community.


By now, it is clear to you that the main thing around which the whole youtube community revolves is views. It is not that tough to crack because these views will make you famous in the community in no time.

Try to explore best and create some really quality content so that you can gain popularity and views that will also help you to make a good amount of money from it.