What is Softaculous, and how can you use Softaculous with cPanel?


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In today’s era, web applications have become a must-have for seamless functionality on the World Wide Web. Where there is a discussion about the application installations for servers and websites, Softaculous pops up the higher. It really doesn’t matter if it is commercial or open-source web applications. Users just have to purchase a Softaculous license within affordable Softaculous pricing and get started with it. If you aren’t familiar with it and don’t know how to use Softaculous with cPanel yet, let us walk you through the easy explanation.

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is an auto-installer that helps with the installation of web apps. Softaculous makes installing hundreds of scripts industry on your cPanel server quick and more accessible.

Being an automated software installer, the User, Administrator, or Host is just one click away from the desired application installation.

In addition to the installation, Softaculous license provides automatic updates. Softaculous policy is to update its application options to reflect the latest stable versions for the users. Thus, helping to keep the websites secure alongside adding new software to the library of scripts.

When it is about efficiency, Softaculous tops the charts because of its comprehension, quickness, and compatibility with different control panels.

Need for Softaculous 

As we mentioned, web hosting and website requires and supports several scripts. So following the need, one needs to go to several websites. Afterwards, you might need to create an account and follow other technicalities/ procedures to cater to web application installation needs.

Similarly, alongside going to various websites to find and install the authentic web application, installing the software on a server with the command line is quite challenging. It happens especially when one isn’t much expert in said web commodities and technical knowledge.

Softaculous comes with a graphical interface and, most noticeably, with trusted scripts to make installation as easy as pie. 

Although Softaculous offers a wide range of script installations, however, WordPress is its most common use of Softaculous worldwide. So let’s take its example to grab the idea better.

If the user follows the description (suggested by WordPress), it might be pretty nerve-wracking. That means it says it Famous 5-Minute Install, which it probably isn’t. For instance, users first have to unzip the WordPress package and create a database with a MySQL user with correct privileges. Afterwards, one has to rename and edit a .PHP fil followed by uploading the WordPress files to the right web directory. Next, create a blog directory, and run a WordPress installation script.

That is where Softaculous enters the application installation world with authority because of its single-click or a few clicks for installation.

Not only WordPress, but it can also help with hundreds. To be precise, it helps you with the one-click installation of over 450 software applications. Be it the PHP, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript applications, or CMS like Drupal, etc. So one can choose the License Type according to Softaculous pricing and ease the installation.

Using Softaculous with cPanel

As we mentioned, Softaculous is compatible with almost all control panels. However, there is something extraordinary about the combination of the Softaculous with cPanel.

Following their practicability, for the users, Softaculous comes pre-installed in cPanel. That being said, Softaculous is one of the most used third-party integrated software of cPanel. Eventually, helping you install over 450 software applications with one click. Thus, helping by saving time and boosting sales.

So Softaculous cPanel is one of the most favourite and widely used combo by web hosts throughout the world.

How to install softaculous?

However, to use Softaculous, you need to install it first or ask your web host/ administrator to do it for you. This is the case when your host doesn’t offer you pre-installed Softaculous.

In that case, you need root access via SSH to your server and then follow the Softaculous-provided installation guide. You will find specific instructions here. So start by connecting via SSH and then execute the below listed three commands:

  • # wget -N http://files.softaculous .com/install.sh
  • # chmod 755 install.sh
  • # ./install.sh

After the successful installation, you can now access the Softaculous interface on your server.

However, if you want to make sure about the installation, you can easily check it by following the procedure below.

Start by navigating to your WHM interface, click on the ‘Plugins’ and then click ‘Softaculous – Instant Installs’. From here, you can check if the installation was successful.

With successful installation, you are ready to manage and improve your server and website from web apps to updates.

Bottom Line!

Softaculous isn’t the only installer in the market. However, its handiness for the server owners and the web hosts is remarkable.

Softaculous driving force is to let the users focus on using their desired apps rather than spending time on their installation. Thus, Navicosoft also provides the Softaculous license with outstanding reliability of single-click installation. Not only the purchasing but the company remains at help after the sale as well. So, get a Softaculous cPanel and ease your web application installation today.