4 Reasons App Developers Should Use a Cloud Hosting Platform


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Developing an app can be a challenging and rewarding experience. It usually requires deep knowledge and understanding of several coding languages and a creative mind to come up with the next great idea. Unfortunately, many app developers cannot see their dreams come to fruition because they don’t have the resources to handle the hardware requirements. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about that with a cloud hosting platform. 

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Scales With Your Growth

One of the most significant barriers to entry developers face when launching an app is the hardware required to maintain the service and the servers. This is only exaggerated if the app becomes successful, as the increased web traffic could shut the whole system down. With a cloud hosting platform, you gain access to the platform’s server farms that can scale with increased traffic you may receive. Additionally, when concurrent traffic is at a lull, the service can automatically scale down, so you are never paying for server space you aren’t using.

Manage Multiple Apps At Once

A developer is likely working on multiple apps simultaneously, and they may each be in a separate stage of development. With a cloud hosting platform, you can view the status of all your programs from the dashboard and, at a glance, get a summary of how they are performing. If any changes need to be made, you can quickly roll back to a previous update so no loss of service occurs until you fix the problem.

Automatically Updates

Keeping your software and hardware up to date is essential for running a successful app. An outdated system can lead to a host of app performance problems and, even more importantly, cyber security. Hackers, viruses, and other security threats are constantly updating, and you must match them beat for beat. The servers will automatically update with a cloud hosting platform, giving you the best protection and service possible.

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Top End Security

Cybersecurity has to be a big concern for any app developer looking to deliver the best service to their users. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is a time and cost-intensive factor you have to accommodate for. Significant organizations have whole departments dedicated to cybersecurity.

So what is an independent or small-time app developer supposed to do? Well, fortunately, a cloud app hosting platform not only offers you intensive cyber security, which, as we mentioned above, is constantly updating, but they also create automatic backups. Hence, if a virus gets in, you can easily update your app to a previous version.

A Cloud Hosting Platform May Be The Final Piece You Need To Finish Your App

A cloud hosting platform offers app developers the appropriate server space and platform to launch their apps to their full potential without the financial commitments buying your servers would cost. If you are looking to launch your dream app or simply want to scale up your current server space, a cloud hosting platform is the best place to start.