What is the cost of a web portal?


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The internet has changed everything, even the way that companies work. No matter where they may be located, organizations today are quickly adopting digital technology and moving in this direction. Today, business owners understand the importance of a website for their company and how it can impact their businesses. Websites are not the only thing that is popular online today; web portals are also very popular. Web portals offer incredible benefits to companies that use them.

You may be wondering what web portal design cost. Today’s blog post will address all your questions about creating online portals. Let’s now get started.

What are web portals exactly?

Although they look almost the same as traditional websites, web portals serve a specific purpose. These are different types of websites that target consumers who need specific information in a particular area. There are many employment portals that can provide information about job openings at different companies. You will need to log in or register to access all the information.

Different types of web portals

There are many types of websites. However, web portals can also be created to fulfill a specific purpose for a certain group of people. Many companies choose to create a custom web portal to meet their specific needs. A web portal is a great tool for businesses that are interested in digital transformation. It allows you to communicate your message directly with people who are interested in your products or services. Each type of portal has a different purpose and is intended for different audiences.

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Web portal types

Websites are open to everyone, so anyone can visit it and find the information they need. However, this does not permit them to do any of these things. Web portals can be broken down into four groups based on the purpose and needs they serve.

  1. Customer portal
  2. Portal for employees
  3. Partner portal
  4. Access to the member portal

Let’s first get familiar with the various online portals available.

1. Customer-centric Portal

Portals that are user-friendly and focus on customer experience include those that combine all pertinent information in one location. This portal is designed for companies that want to offer their customers an easy-to-use way to access various goods and services, as well as customer support. These portals allow customers to perform a wide range of operations and actions. You can submit a complaint or provide feedback.

2. Portal for employees

Businesses that are looking to digitalize their business and implement new digital marketing trends in their operations need a web portal to bring together workers and accelerate the process. Large companies with many employees need a customized portal to help them reach their employees. These types of businesses need employee portals.

3. Partner Portal

It is much more important to have a range of partners than relying on one portal when you are trying to move your company forward. Real estate and healthcare are two areas where partner portals can be most useful. These companies need to have access to a web solution that will allow them to expand their user base and bring their products and services directly to potential customers.

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4. Member Portal

Businesses that provide services to customers based on their subscription type should have a membership portal. This will allow them to keep track of all subscribers and offer the services they need.

Cost of developing a website portal

Let’s get that out of the system. Now let’s talk about the price. This is the section you are most excited to read. The price for developing web portals varies depending on the functionality and layout you choose. It’s not an easy task and takes considerable time and effort to create a web portal that meets a specific need.

These are the main factors that influence the cost of developing web-based solutions for companies. Let’s take a look at each of them more in-depth.

Made up of various functions and components

A custom web portal solution will cost you based on the features and components that you choose to add. The more simple the design and layout, the less you’ll spend. Website designers will take longer to create complex designs with too many parts. This will eventually increase the cost of your portal.

Hiring Model

This is an important consideration to make when you are thinking about having a website solution created. The cost of hiring web developers can vary from one area to the next. This is why it is important to choose developers who are within your budget when you hire them. Instead of hiring in-house web developers, outsourcing your project to a professional web development company can help you save money. This will allow your company to concentrate on other areas.

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Take a look at the size and experience of the Development Team

This is a simple fact because the cost of developing web portals depends on the average custom software development hourly rate of the team involved. The time taken to develop a web portal will also increase the cost. The cost of hiring a skilled and experienced software developer may be more expensive than hiring someone with less experience. Before making a decision, it is important to weigh all aspects and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Because a novice developer might not be capable of handling the complexity of your project, this is important.

Programmers Charge Hourly Prices

The cost to establish a web portal can vary depending on its functionality and quality. It could range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on all these factors. This cost could be higher if you have a unique design or other ideas that are not standard.


Large-scale businesses may find it difficult to manage large numbers of employees or offer a variety of services. This is why a web portal development company is so important in today’s market. Businesses that are large-scale will find this especially true. These tools not only make it easier for your employees to understand your business processes, but they also increase your company’s productivity.

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