Why There’s No Music Production Version of a Gaming PC


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Gamers relish the idea of buying beefed-up computers designed specifically around their hobby. Musicians, not so much. They dig around for months on end, only to discover there is no music production equivalent of a gaming PC. If you are a musician, have you ever wondered why that is?

These days, you can record and master music at home with just about any decent laptop and a good software package. You don’t have to go out and buy a laptop or desktop PC designed entirely around music production.

The reality is that computer manufacturers do not make music production PCs because there isn’t a demand for them. And even if there were, what could manufacturers do other than include the most powerful processors and throw in some software?

1.Gaming Has Particular Needs

The thing about gaming is that it is a hobby with very particular hardware needs. Not only do you need top-of-the-line multi-core CPUs, but you also need a high-powered graphics card with an obscene amount of RAM along with a high-end network card, gaming controller, and sound system.

Your equipment needs to be robust enough to keep up with other gamers if you plan to play online. And these days, online is where all the best gaming takes place. So yes, you need to have a PC that’s souped up well beyond your typical home or work computer.

2. Music Production Requires Less

Compare gaming to music production and you discover that the latter’s needs are significantly less. You don’t need a high-powered graphics card to record music. Although more RAM helps, you don’t need as much RAM for music production as you do for gaming.

The one thing you do need is a solid sound card with built-in stereo duplex capabilities. But that is actually the standard these days. It is hard to find a new PC or laptop without a capable sound card.

3.Digital Tools Make the Difference

The other thing to remember is that home music production doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. Many of the analog tools and effects recording studios once relied on have been converted to digital tools built right in to your recording software.

At Supreme Tracks in New York, music production fully embraces digital technologies. Compared to what a reputable studio would have had on-site 30 years ago, the Supreme Track studio seems rather sparse. But that’s only because they work in the digital realm.

All of this is to say that recording software has come a long way. By digitizing music recording and production, you do away with a lot of older technologies. Yet you still don’t need a specialized PC to produce a high-quality project. You can do a whole lot with even a modest PC.

4.The Artistry Is What Counts

Supreme Tracks is quick to point out that, in the end, it is the artistry that really counts. A talented artist working with a skilled producer and the right studio musicians, arrangers, technicians, etc. can produce fantastic music even with baseline equipment.

Things are different in gaming. Gaming requirements are such that the most highly skilled gamer would be at a disadvantage if their equipment wasn’t up to par. They need top-of-the-line equipment just to get on the playing field. Only then will their skill and knowledge carry them.

The music production world doesn’t have its equivalent of a gaming PC. It isn’t necessary. The technological requirements can be met by modest consumer hardware. That is good for musicians because it means they don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to produce music at home.